Warzone #19 - Are You Mad About Square's Decision To Continue To Support Microsoft?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this show we spent a lot of time discussing decisions made by Square and Namco to take popular franchises multiplatform. While it's great news for gamers everywhere, we try and ponder why people got so upset about it. Also on this show:

- Rumor: EA in talks with Nvidia…hmmmm
- Torrence thinks there are more PS3 fanboys than 360 fanboys. We discuss why and debate it.
- Lost Odyssey and why this is the game diehard Final Fantasy fans should be playing right now
- We talk with Weapon X to try and understand the emotional attachment to a series like FF and it's ties to the Playstation brand
- Torrence gives Darkpower some tips for his new blog
- and much much more!"

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Fox013537d ago

Then why are you posting here you [email protected]@ss dou***e bag?

red_ring_of_death3537d ago

its business
company are out 2 make money
bottom line

AllseeingEye3537d ago

SE is a business and they want money. Sony has an amazing first party lineup so loosing exclusive SE titles wont hurt them.

nbsmatambo3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

People are acting like FF going multiplat is the end for Sony, i actually think this is the beginning of something better..I believe White Knight Chronicles is the first of many JRPG/RPG's that will be coming to the PS3, and mayb this will get Sony to realize that they need JRPG's to sell the PS3 well in Japan..

Im betting if WKC is a hit Sony is acquiring lvl-5 to produce more of the same.. =D

mikeslemonade3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

I disagree with the movement of more multiplatform games. Hiphopgamer hit it right on the nail in the podcast when he said that multiplatform disperses assets and effects the quality of the game. To me exclusives should stay exclusives. If you own all 3 systems there should be more reasons to own 3 systems and if everything was multiplatform then why the heck do you own a 360/PS3. Now Torrence always says 1st party should define the system but the fact is the 360 as you said has Rare the only 1st party developer and Sony has a handful more 1st party developers that's not enough for a reason for most people to pay $500 for this system and $400 for that system.

If you go to gamerankings or metacritic you will see that exclusive games on average score higher than multiplatform. The multiplatform doesn't benefit gamers it benefits the publisher so they can sell more software to make more money without making the full potential of the game. And i'm going to talk with my money just like Torrence does by bocotting EA's Madden. I'm only going to buy exclusive games to support the developer's decision of staying exclusive which is why this fall i only bought Wipeout, LBP, Socom, and Resistance. NBA 2k9 is the only game im buying that is multiplatform just because that is originally a multiplatform game. THe other games i'm just renting and because most the of the games have no online replay value anyway and i can finish those games without buying them. Conveniently the exclusives have replay value which i look for in games that I buy.

juuken3536d ago

Mike, you have a good point. I also wondered why it would make any sense to own both consoles if the games are going multiplatform.

meepmoopmeep3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

hakuna matata

i don't really care, i just hope one or the other doesn't suffer because of the whole "round to the nearest denominator" crap.

exclusives utilize more of a platforms hardware, hence, it should deliver better output.

but Square is 3rd party and having financial woes so it's understandable.

sackboy says hi3536d ago

sackboy says do not get mad, sony has first party studios that can match square quality or may b even better than square.

sackboys says bye :)

Omegasyde3536d ago

We shouldn't because they like money.

PS3 users should be mad at microsoft for delaying games to be released simultaneously meaning ps3 owners have to wait a extra 3 months or more.

360 owners should be pist at microsoft for trying to steal exclusives instead of opening new studios to make 360 exclusives. Why not make the next great game instead of going after Tekken, acecombat, devil may cry and Final Fantasy? Or even worse why try to get exclusive downloadable content? How about more exclusive XBL titles??

Thier method of thinking is "illogical" as if they are trying to convert PS3 users into 360 users this way? Now it seems like they are forgetting about the Western Market and are putting too many resources into the Japan market. Halo Recon?? How about another stealth shooter? A exclusive arcade racing game?? or some Strategy games? Heck how about a exclusive FPS that isn't Halo.

callahan093536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

I would actually honestly admit that I prefer the Playstation brand to the Xbox brand, and I prefer playing on my PS3 more than my 360. I'm a simple man with simple reasons, really. The actual volume of the console running is quieter for the PS3 than the 360. I prefer the PS3's controller (and yes, I'm allowed to have that opinion, though I've read articles trying to claim that the 360 controller is somehow "objectively" better, I call it crap, it's an opinion, and I don't particularly like the 360 pad... oh well). And I love playing my games online on the PS3 without paying any fees. I don't play online enough to fork over an annual fee for the opportunity to do so on the rare occassions I feel like it (I'm crazy, I guess, and just simply prefer single player experiences... so sue me). I also like the XMB more than the blades-dashboard, but that preference may change with the new Xbox experience. I'll see on that one when I get hands on with the new.

Anyway, why am I saying all of this? To get the point across that not all PS3 fanboys (sure I'll allow you to call me by that title if you really want to) think this is the end of the world. Square hasn't developed a title I've truly loved since Final Fantasy IX on the PSone and they're quite frankly allowed to develop for whatever console they want. If they choose 360, OK. Good for them. I like to play games and if they put one out that I actually feel the desire to play all the way through, I'm perfectly fine with doing it on the 360. I don't see it happening, though. The only RPG I'm currently looking forward to is White Knight Chronicles, because, well, it looks awesome, its features seem awesome on paper, and Level-5 has never let me down like certain other developers (OK, I'll come out and say it: I'm looking at you, Square-Enix, and your lame excuse for a game called Final Fantasy XII. I pretty much gave up on you after that and all the crappy Final Fantasy VII off-shoots).

That's my piece. Sorry if you don't agree.

Lyan3536d ago

What ever happened to enjoying games because they are good? The majority of you above me talk from a soapbox as if your biased opinion has weight/importance. Okay, we get it, you prefer one console over the other. Does your preference for system/franchise/brand really require that you snub competition simply because it is present? Enjoy your games instead of trying to justify it to others.

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Blakzhuk3537d ago

Great show so far! Jesus it's long!

Fox013537d ago

In this case, the longer the better. When you enjoy something this much, time doesn't seem to matter.

juuken3536d ago

I don't care anymore. 3rd party exclusives are a dying breed. First party is what matters to me either way.

Fox013536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Then you'll miss a lot of good games like, Fallout 3, FFXIII, Tekken, L.A Noire, etc. You should just play the games you like and stop worrying if it's exclusive or not.

But we know you're a stu*** fanboy and you wont listen to reason so whatever, we'll all be enjoying great games this fall and beyond.

juuken3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Hmm...funny you throw that term around so often Fox when you're a fanboy as well. A guy calling a girl a fanboy...that's just hilarious.

I never implied I still wouldn't buy the games. I'm looking forward to getting Resident Evil 5, FFXIII, Tekken 6 and Dead Space along with Sony exclusives. So I get to watch movies, buy exclusives, and a few multiplatform games that interest me.

Thanks for assuming things, lol.

Hey, and phantom disagreers you're not doing me a single thing ya know.

Fox013536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

I'm not a fanboy, but I have to sometimes defend the 360 because of all the shyt I hear on this site: like some that had "5 360s RROD", "360 slapped my mom", "Microsoft is Evil" coz they want to make money, when all companies have the same phucking motives (make money)...!

If I heard the same shyt about the PS3 I would defend that system too, but since this site is full of PS3fanboys...


"In this day and age where games cost $60, I think many gamers are going to try to pick out titles with quality"

I totally agree with you on that one. But, what might mean quality for you might not be the same for another gamer.

For instance, I'm a huge Rpg fan (especially Fable), so for ME Fable 2 is the only quality game coming out this fall and I wont mind spending $100 for that game. But I know lots of people think the game is garbage graphics suck, boring etc....

So, just play the games that interest you, that you like and don't care if it's exclusive or not.

UltimateIdiot9113536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

In this day and age where games cost $60, I think many gamers are going to try to pick out titles with quality. I will still pick up FFXIII but I'm not going to pick up a lot of multiplatform. GTAIV and DMC4 were huggggeee disappointment in my book. HUGEE!!
I force myself to finish the game just to feel a bit more justify on that $60 purchase. So 1st party games ftw.

Edit: I agree, there will be few multiplats with quality (what i mean by quality is gameplay, story, graphic, the overall picture). Quality will mean different things to people but I personally find the best quality in 1st party. I don't have a 360 but Fable 2 does appeal to me. I'm a huge RPG fan also especially JRPG. WKC is the RPG i'm looking forward too along with Valkyria Chronicles. As for Multi, I'm looking forward to Prince of Persia and Spiderman.

juuken3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Fox, and 360 fanboys aren't crazy here as well? I defend the PS3 because I'm sick and tired of hearing that it has no games, bluray sucks, whoever spent $600.00 on a console is an idiot, etc, etc. There's no need for that at all. Sony may have screwed up in the beginning but they're turning things around.

It's annoying.

CAPT IRISH3536d ago

both you guys are annoying

Omegasyde3536d ago

I completely agree I spend my 60 wisely.

If I can beat a game in less than 10 hours, its a rental or a used purchase at the bargain bin.

If a game comes out with future DLC already mentioned FORGET ABOUT IT.
I am tired of these developers releasing only 90% of the overall game and holding the last 10% back.

Latest Case in point, Starcraft 2. They already planned it as a trillogy so you know the 1st episode will only have so many new things...

Soul calibur 4 is a great game but when you release DLC a week after its release? what you couldn't squeeze a extra 100mb on the disc before going gold?

If developers are going to have that mindset, atleast make the game 40$ or lower i.e. Warhawk, Wipeout hd, Socom, Scene it...

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