Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets Lots of New Screenshots and Info on Tanks and New Characters

The latest gallery of screenshots and information on Valkyria Chronicles 4 is all about tanks, their crew members, and equipment progression.

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DarXyde330d ago

The maps actually look notably bigger now (at least from the mission map screen). I also notice this is the PS4 version. That's the version I'm getting and I'm glad to see that it looks so great. This year is going to be mint.

Abriael330d ago

Yeah, we're not gonna see the Switch version for a while since it comes out later in Japan, and the Xbox One version won't probably be shown until the western release or almost.

330d ago
joab777330d ago

I've been waiting soooooooo ling for this game. VC was one of my top 5 games last gen. Left such a lasting impression!

Relientk77330d ago

Sweet, I'm glad this game is coming back the way it should be, like the first game.

Brian7655492330d ago

The first game was very well done so this is great news.

gamejediben330d ago

Easily my most anticipated RPG this year. I'm sure Ni No Kuni II and Kingdom Come Deliverance will be great but I regularly replay Valkyria Chronicles every year and I loved VC 2 & 3 as well despite the graphical downgrade. Valkyria Revolution can go melt in a fire for all I care. VC4 is the sequel this franchise has deserved since 2008 and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

3-4-5329d ago

ok..I need to get going with this series. I bought VC2 for psp back in 2013, and it was pretty fun but I never finished into other games and never came back but it was fun.

I bought Vc1 on Pc steam sale 2 years ago and haven't played more than the opening sequence. I need to be in the mood for a certain type of game to play it though. I'll def want to play those before the new one releases.