The Directors of Monster Hunter World try to Explain why it's not Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter World is due out January 26 on PS4 and Xbox One but not the Switch. According to the game’s directors that’s because it was in development well before Nintendo’s handheld had been revealed.

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mikeslemonade325d ago

The switch can’t handle it. Don’t listen to the pr spiel


And because switch could not handle it.

Brian7655492325d ago

They said it about the Wii U which was the current hardware at the time of development and not powerful enough at the time. Is the Switch as powerful as the Xbox One because if it isn't then that could be a problem too? Is Witcher 3 coming to Switch becuse maybe they too couldn't make it work on Switch either.

Perhaps later they will try to port it to Switch since it's so popular but as of now they want to concentrate on the platforms they started on.

FreddyFazbear325d ago

They dont need to say it. Its common sense. The Switch doesnt run on Magic and unicorns you know. This is the issue i was talking awhile back. People tends to Overestimate what the switch can do. Just because Doom was ported to it does not equate to all PS4/xbone games coming to it. Square even tried FFXV on switch but sorry


Did they needed to?

Can't you even make that deduction yourself? Switch can barely handle xenoblade 2 wich isnt nearly as taxing as this one.

badz149326d ago

prepare for enraged Switch owner saying that Doom and Skyrim can run on Wii U

Prince_TFK325d ago

Well the Switch can run Doom and Skyrim but that doesn’t mean it can run MHW well without sacrificing most of the visual effects. As a Switch owner, I am not enraged or anything. If I can’t play on the Switch then I’ll just buy it on my PS4 or PC.

bow2yoda325d ago

and it cant handle doom as well?

TheOttomatic91326d ago

Simple the Switch is too under powered to run it

TekoIie325d ago

Then bump the visuals down... Not like every other Dev does that to get their games running on consoles.

If SE was able to entertain the idea of FFXV on Switch then I fail to see how MH:W isn't something they can pull off.

FreddyFazbear325d ago

Well Square cant put FFXV on it do they??. They tried but to no avail. But in my opinion any game even uncharted level graphics can run on switch but it will dumbed down drastically, Polygon count, textures, lighting and effects, framerate and Resolution.


Precisely! They entertained it and discarded it, and FFXV doesnt have the fighting mechanics this one has, where keeping a steady FPS is crutial!

vergilxx3325d ago

how far can you dumb down visuals ? xenoblade runs at 320p MHW would have to be 20p

Kaiou326d ago

Well, when the PS4(surely xbox too) are not even hitting staple 30 and doing some sort of checkerboard to even reach 1080p according to digitalfoundry .... you get the point. That's what I meant when I said that developers will probably target 60fps more in the future.

chris235326d ago

because the gadget is not made for current gen games.

Prince_TFK325d ago

Then how do you explain Doom and Wolfenstein?

FernDiggidy325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

DOOM for the switch on the go is FANTASTIC!!! Play it on a 70 inch TV via the dock, and the Game looks like shit. Don't be a fanboy.

vergilxx3325d ago

Dooms engine runs even on a potato , wolfenstein uses the same engine

Don't expect other third party current gen games on switch

Prince_TFK325d ago


That doesn’t make a lick of sense. The discussion at hand according to the OP was the Switch is not made for current gen games, but Doom and Wolf (and to a lesser extent, WWE and NBA 2K18) are current gen games and the Switch runs them anyway.

So why are you discussing about engine? Does it take away from the fact that those games are current gen games?

ethanfel325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Not made for games that put everything in visual, true.

BOTW is the most modern openworld game ever, outside visuals. It's still a curent gen game :)

At least the gadget is made to fit in the lives of its owners, not imposing one only way to play :)

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