Three Adjustments That Could Improve Metal Gear Survive

It’s clear that Metal Gear Survive isn’t going to go down as the best-selling game sporting the Metal Gear title, but it’s also a far cry from the terrible experience many preemptively claimed it would be. There is, however, plenty that could be changed to better the experience.

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FallenAngel1984303d ago

Remove the always online requirement and I may give it a chance if it’s on sale for below $15

TheGamersGhost303d ago

I can never understand why games with single player components would want to push "always online." That cuts out a chunk of the market without seemingly gaining anything from it.

302d ago
ChrisW302d ago

So... The title says "three adjustments" but then the author adds a "bonus" adjustment. Anyone else here find that stupid?

TheGamersGhost302d ago

Huh. Not quite what I expected someone to take away from this...

But, as the author, I think I have to agree with you. That was an odd choice and I wish I could remember why I did it.

ChrisW302d ago

Not too certain what it was that made me point that out. The article wasn't bad. Actually rather well written as an opinion piece, but there was just something about that bonus. Maybe it was the length of it? Maybe it was the topic of it?

Well... Anyway, I noticed you updated it to "Four..."

KillZallthebeast301d ago

Oh he did...I even backed him...Disreguard what I said before I back chris

KillZallthebeast302d ago

Lol no bonus is typically just them throwing in their own weaker and subjective point not worth bringing into the main article

PhantomS42302d ago

Just need one, scrap the game and never try to make a game again Konami. Stick with pachinko.

TheGamersGhost302d ago

Seems to be the popular sentiment.

Chumdiddy302d ago

1. Cancel the game.

2. ?

3. Profit

1nsomniac302d ago

...only 3. You’re gonna need more than that!

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