Thunderbolt: Mister Slime Review

Imagine if all the videogame characters ever created had a party, shindig, get-together, ho-down or any other number of ways to reference a good time out. Now imagine if at this party there were lots of tables, and characters chose and sat next to whomever they wanted. You might see the bubbly and equally drunk Mario and Lugi entertaining Daxter, Guybrush Threepwood and Sonic with their unique rendition of 'My Endless Love'. Just opposite you'd perhaps catch a glimpse of Gordon Freeman and Otacon discussing quantum physics, as Solid Snake tries to avoid Lara Croft's advances (she's hopeless at holding her drink you see). Now scan your imagination to the very back of the room. There you would find the likes of Mister Slime - sitting there trying to strum up petty conversation alongside the likes of Master Chief, Waluigi and Raiden.

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