Ain't that Ironic: The Legend John Romero

That Gaming Site chronicles the legend of John Romero and how that legend eventually lead to his downfall with one of the most hyped/controversial titles in gaming history, Daikatana! Was he really to blame for the tragic events surronding the title?


The Site Has Been Hacked! The Staff Are Working On Getting It Up And Running ASAP!

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Elven63390d ago

10 Heat and no commments or approvals!

Cernex3390d ago

That Severity has still some chances of being "good", which if it does, it could probably mean the end of the Ion Storm curse, :P

El Cernex

mersenne3390d ago

somethings wrong with the link it returns:

<<A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Hacked By US KKK, f*** u asian cunt, Easy easy i will skin your black ass alive">>

Gam713390d ago

Yeah, i'm getting that.

Do you have the password ;)

Elven63389d ago

The site was hacked, it's being worked on.

Josh1billion3389d ago

Oddly enough, Romero isn't even Asian. Someone must have been confused by that picture.

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Drano3390d ago

Anyway, we already know that Romero is a douche.

Jump Beyond.

Skizelli3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Yeah, just a douche that co-created Doom, which jump-started the FPS genre. Without Doom, there might not have been a Quake, a GoldenEye 007, a Perfect Dark, a TimeSplitters, a Half-Life, an Unreal Tournament, a Halo, etc.

Know your roots.

The Lazy One3390d ago

but that doesn't make him less of a douche.

also, lol @ jump beyond. I like that.

Drano3389d ago

Being good at making games (ten years ago) can't prevent him from being a self-indulgent douche... Well, that's my point of view anyway.

Jump Beyond.

Skizelli3389d ago

I didn't say it made him any less of a douche, but have a little respect.

Drano3389d ago

But the anynomity of the Internet makes stupidity so appealing...

Jump Beyond.

The Lazy One3389d ago

He's a douche. Why should he not call it like it is? I have the utmost respect for what he made, but that doesn't forgive him being a douche.

Skizelli3389d ago

And you don't think that calling someone a douche on the internet makes you a douche as well?

The Lazy One3389d ago

just honest. being a douche on the internet makes you a douche.

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