9 Most Exciting Upcoming Battle Royale Video Games

Though it doesn't feel as though the average person is raving about battle royale games anywhere near as much as say, Nintendo Labo, look to the player counts across both PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, and they're WAY up, into their millions. Fortnite alone - the game that literally ripped off PUBG's base staples as fast as possible - has had over 45 million people try to survive the 100-to-1 last man standing a challenge, and the genre itself is positively booming.

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doos_vd_kak210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

In my opinion if you've played one battle royale game you've played them all

nowitzki2004210d ago

If you have played one shooter then you have played them all. If you have played one racer then you have played them all.. Just wondering if thats how you think of every genre?

Perjoss210d ago

Not really, check out the dev videos for SCUM and also this Crytek game, they both look very different from the usual DayZ, PubG and H1Z1.

210d ago
frostypants210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

"Though some "large-scale is our selling point" multiplayer games have tried and failed in the past (PS3's MAG or Warhawk, for example)"

Huh? Warhawk was awesome and the servers were up for a loooooong time.

"only Battlefield has ever managed to maintain stability with so many consecutive players all synched up at once"

Wait, what?! Warhawk was incredibly stable. This dude is making stuff up.