Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Its First Review Awarding It Near Perfect Score

The first review for Dragon Ball FighterZ has been posted giving it near perfect score.

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DarXyde183d ago

Guess those Loot boxes don't take away from the experience. Great!

Snookies12182d ago

Yep, love how people blew that out of proportion before they'd heard the details. I get it, people are shying away from the lootbox word because of the horrid misuse of them lately. They've been in games in the past though, without any real money involved. This is exactly how you do lootboxes right. Take note other devs.

pehomejey181d ago

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RommyReigns182d ago

My hype level right now...


SuperSonic91182d ago

The timing of this game is also perfect now that Super is coming to an end. The power level of thos franchise is through the roof.

Miss_Vixen182d ago

I'm a huge Dragonball fan, but haven't got around to watching Super yet unfortunately. Has english dub being released for all the episodes yet?

7Machado182d ago

Yeah they have English dub for quite a few episodes actually !

SickSinceSix182d ago

English dub just got up to episode 47, the new arc which introduces Goku Black has just started.

RommyReigns182d ago

Super is not coming 'to an end', but going on a break as Funimation switches resourcs towards the movie releasing in December, then Super will be back afterwards. I heard rumours that the last episode before the break is going to be episode 131, assuming it's the ending of the Tournament of Power arc including some cliffhangers and branching out possible storylines for later episodes, and 131 is timed for March 11th.

ShadowWolf712181d ago


Funimation only localizes and dubs.

181d ago
RommyReigns181d ago


I'm always getting Toei Animation and Funimation mixed up by mistake :D Anyways I hope the movie is great in December.

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