Microsoft targets 1 million Xbox 360 sales in Japan

Microsoft Corp's Japanese unit aims to achieve its domestic sales target of one million units for the Xbox 360 video game console as quickly as possible, a senior official said on Friday. Microsoft Co, the U.S. software giant's unit, hopes to boost sales by leveraging new games and boosting sales promotion efforts, Takashi Sensui, executive officer and chief of the home and entertainment division of the Tokyo-based firm, said.

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CEO of Troll Corp3422d ago

Its nice how they make their dreams known to the public

Internet Trolling Ex3422d ago

That picture you made really represents the sad xbox situation

Potty Scotty3422d ago

It's going to be crazy when they actually meet their goal. Who would have imagined the Xbox 360 selling a million units in Sony dominated Japan? The original Xbox only sold 480k in the 4 years it was out.

Potty Scotty3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I don't know, Playstation 3 has been stagnate in Japan. They've been stuck at 2 million units for more than two years and a million of those were sold at launch.

Based on the sales spike when Tales of Vasperia and Infinite undiscovery were released, Xbox 360 should hit a million units after the release of Last Remnant. Probably by the end of the year. I don't think the PS3 will sell 3 million units in the next few months.

eric1003422d ago

there are already 2.5m ps3s in Japan

by WKS launch x360 will be lucky to survive in Japan

Pain3422d ago

but any other way not a chance.

Potty Scotty3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )


I know, I know, there's 2 million and five units of PS3's in Japan.

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ThatCanadianGuy3422d ago

Ohohohaha,3 years later and your just NOW targeting 1 million in Japan? Oh microsoft..

karlostomy3421d ago

That reminds me

it's been 3 years since the 360 launched and the directly competing ps3 is STILL 5 million behind?

Deary me Sony. What happened?

Bill Gates3422d ago


Stryfeno23422d ago

Nice....The user base is growing from the last Xbox. All thanks to Sony and their lackluster PS3.

eric1003422d ago

By the time MS reaches a million there will be 6m ps3s -10m ps3s

PS3 is 2.5m by now.
I hope x360 is still alive after WKS launch.
poor you no game to play this Fall except RROD

Stryfeno23422d ago

Damn...eric200 aka NASIM you must be crippled. Where do you find the time to create so many accounts?

IzKyD13313422d ago

when the bots don't have anything to say, they just go nasim accusing all over the place....I AM NASIM!

theKiller3422d ago

i know what u r talking about! they accused me many times that i am nasim, i think they cant stand it when they see so many strong ps3 fans, specially that nowadays all news of ps3 is good!!

i think the price cut for 360 will keep it competitive to ps3 otherwise they would have lost this holiday season!

now am just wondering which have more power the games line up for ps3 or 360 price??

only by the end of the year we will know!

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ReBurn3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I guess you can't reach a goal if you don't set one. Microsoft is going to have to keep bringing great titles to the Japanese market to make that happen.

BISHOP-BRASIL3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

With WKS around the corner? I don't know... Maybe just bring then isn't enough.

Sure, 360 have now support from Squenix and Namco well-known franchises, that shall not hit PS3 'till later next year (if ever). But PS3 has past and nationality in their favor, if there is a console that can put up a new IP and change everything in Japan, it's the PS3 (specially if the IP is a JRPG, as huge as Final Fantasy and with "Level-5" write on the box).

I don't think they can maintain the momentum in Japan, but if they can, props to them, it's already impressive for a MS console to sell like it's selling (actually, it isn't that much, but Japan is on a low those last years, Wii and portables are sucking all the real money, but we know this is talking comparisons, and 360 is well over PS3 sales right now in comparison).

Anyway, I'm not holding my breath to see anyside come on top, in fact, I would be more interested if it was about any of those taking a real slice of the market from the Wii.

Megatron083422d ago

I think MS is trying to impress SE so they can get FF13 for the 360 in japan too. With the recent increase of sell thanks in part largely to ToV and IU SE got to be takin notice.

sunnygrg3422d ago

When you make an aim that low, you will end up nowhere.

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