Halo Franchise Director Comments On Loot box Rumor For Halo 6

Halo dev comments on the rumor about Microsoft reevaluating loot boxes after Star War Battlefront 2 controversy.

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Antnee534302d ago

I just feel they already need to scrap halo 6 completely and look back at halo 2 and 3 and remember what made this series actually fun. There hasnt been a good halo at all since 3.

Araragifeels 301d ago

Nani?!! Halo Reach was great and I consider that it was the last Halo with a great story. Halo 4 was an okay game but not great. Apart from Halo 5 horrible, false advertised campaign. The Multiplayer is amazing.

XbladeTeddy300d ago

Loved Halo Reach. Best one by far I feel.

kevnb300d ago

i actually like halo 5 too.

Gwiz300d ago

Halo Reach was alright,for anyone interested check out the SPV3 mod for Halo CE on PC ;)
Would love to see something similar to a combo of Halo3/ODST but knowing how Halo 5 ends I'm not sure
if that would fit 343i's vision.

YEP414300d ago

Mp was top notch!!! But single player sub par

morganfell300d ago

"i actually like halo 5 too."

Really? HALO 5 MP had loot boxes ahead of EA MP games. It still has them. They are called REQ Packs but they are the same thing as loot boxes. HALO 5 has gotten a complete pass on this.

Kribwalker300d ago


and the last of us had loot boxes before plants versus zombies garden warfare, which had them before halo 5. what’s your point? The loot box system in halo 5 is probably the best set up there is, much like Overwatch did after it and Titanfall 2 did as well. No bearing on gameplay,you can purchase everything with in game currency other then special cosmetics that they’d sell as a set, And they have been releasing consistent content for over 2 years now at no additional cost. That is the right way to do loot boxes

Septic300d ago


"HALO 5 has gotten a complete pass on this."

Lol you what? I still remember some of the crocodile tears shed about this when it was released. What kind of complete FUD are you spreading?

Also, over 2 years later, people have seen just how the game benefitted from this with FREE DLC. The req packs were relegated to rewards in the Warzone mode only and even then, you had to earn the weapon you unlocked via REQ packs.

And Halo fans did love Halo 5's multiplayer. That still stands as the best console exclusive FPS out there in that regard. Try again...

happy2b300d ago

wasn't 4 and 5 made from different publishers

morganfell300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

"The loot box system in halo 5 is probably the best set up there is"

That is a contradictory statement. When it is a form of multiplayer that allows you to purchase superior weapons then there is no such thing as a good setup.

The Last of Us? Do you think I am going to change my mind because you brought that up? You are blindly allegiant but I am not.

How wrong you are. You can excuse scab behavior because it is on a system you worship but I will not.

Any game made by any manufacturer or publisher that has loot boxes in Multiplayer that provide anything other than cosmetics, that is to say provides a competitive advantage, and said loot boxes may be purchased with real money then that is an implementation belonging to a game that should be boycotted and publicly ripped.

HALO 5 has loot boxes in Multiplayer. Period. Keep pointing fingers and I'll laugh as you poke out your own eye.


"Gold REQ Packs contain a large number of Uncommon to Legendary single use REQs. Players are also guaranteed at least two new permanent REQs, if available. Gold REQ Packs are the only source of Mythic items."

Since you do not know exactly what you are getting, only that it contains "Uncommon to Legendary single use REQs" you can add gambling to the list.

PUBG300d ago

I don't get what the deal is with Halo fans that don't like Halo 5. Is it just because you play as Locke for 60% of the game and the lack of couch co-op? I feel like some fans are being a bit ridiculous. The story was fantastic, gameplay is great, and the graphics were great too. I know someone who is a die-hard Halo fan, and refused to buy the game just because it didn't have couch co-op.... give me a break!

TankCrossing300d ago

Halo 5 loot boxes are fairly inoffensive. I actually agree that they should be recognised as pay to win smegboxes, but they're tucked away in the casual, accessible game mode. The competitive modes are kept pure and honest.

It really isn't a bad trade-off for the free map packs.

Knushwood Butt300d ago

'Any game made by any manufacturer or publisher that has loot boxes in Multiplayer that provide anything other than cosmetics, that is to say provides a competitive advantage, and said loot boxes may be purchased with real money then that is an implementation belonging to a game that should be boycotted and publicly ripped. '.

So any MP game that adds weapons after launch that can be purchased with real money should be publicly ripped?

indyman7777300d ago

What ? At least he is not talking about

Antnee534298d ago

You know i forgot all about reach that would be the last great halo.

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Rhythmattic300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Halo CE.. the best one by far. IMO

Zeref300d ago

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug

chiefJohn117300d ago

CE had the best story
5 has the best MP
3 has the best combination of both

Rhythmattic299d ago

"Nostalgia is one hell of a drug"
So that doesn't make it a great game?
I still love space invaders... Nostalgic? Yeh.... But its still the same game today.

spicelicka300d ago

The multiplayer in Halo 5 is top notch and widely regarded as one of the best this gen.

But for the campaign you are right. There are obvious things that made previous Halo campaigns amazing that they are choosing to ignore.

constantine_man300d ago

Are you fucking insane? No its not. You'd have to ignore a lot of fucking people to claim that H5's MP is some of the best this gen. Shit's garbage.


I agree Halo 5 has had the best arena based shooter this Gen.

spicelicka300d ago


It is true. You have more disagrees, so there you go.

constantine_man300d ago (Edited 300d ago )


Lmfao, yes because downvotes on N4G are a way better metric to determine Halo 5's quality than I don't know... maybe its poor sales compared to the rest of the franchise?

spicelicka300d ago (Edited 300d ago )


Talk to me when you can find a game that has controls as solid as Halo 5, arena gameplay, non-arena gameplay, PvP, PvE, PvPvE, vehicles and big team battle.

Talk to me when you can find a game that has all that and the ability to literally make your own maps, your own game modes, and host them in a custom games browser to play with other players.

Halo 3 final mission recreated in Halo 5 with scripted events.

Battlefield 1 vehicles created in Halo 5.

Talk to me when you can find a game right now that does all this without mods.

300d ago
chiefJohn117300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Mp wise no fps can compete. So much content it's ridiculous. Halos on another level. Then you add forge and you get more than just a fps game but a sports, racer, zombie, parkour, maze, etc. The list of potential is endless.

Constantine Halo 5 set a record for money made. Poor sales? ROFL 5 million (not including digital and bundles which tend to be half of it's sales) in under 3 months if that's poor than sign me up lol

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Kiknyonutz300d ago

The series is fun and continues to evolve. The story needs work but to say they need to look back at 2 or 3 makes me think you haven't played the series since then. 5 was said to have the best multiplayer since 2, I would agree.

constantine_man300d ago

You are insane if you think H5 comes close to touching the original trilogy MP wise. It plays absolutely nothing like classic Halo. To compare H5 to H2 mp-wise is retarded.

Kumakai300d ago

With all due respect, no one even knows much at all about 6. Why would you want them to scrap what you don’t know. Studios are aware of the feedback and reception games get, as well as fan responses to the overall arc and trend of a franchise. Just like the big ADS controvery in 5 etc...

Rude-ro300d ago

Because loot boxes are in 5?
Maybe that is why they are talking about it now. Especially since it was a pay 2 win set up in halo 5.

Vasto300d ago

That is so silly to say when you have not even seen anything Halo 6.

343_Guilty_Spark300d ago

Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Soon as they do that you’ll be complaining they didn’t make enough new changes. Besides Galo 5 has arguably the best MP of the series.

constantine_man300d ago

"Besides Galo 5 has arguably the best MP of the series."


Whatever helps you sleep at night. Let me know when 343i puts out a game relevant enough for people outside Xbox fanboys.

CoryHG300d ago

It's completely different developers.

Sm00thNinja300d ago


Gaming_Guru300d ago

I’m the opposite, Bungie played it too safe and the games just added a little more with each instalment. 343 take risks, changed things up, instead of added shields one year, a new grenade type the next, to crazy high jumping while weighing a ton...🤨

TheCommentator300d ago

What's been said about Halo 6 that would lead you to that conclusion already? Can you even confirm that there is a Halo 6? Follow the link and you will find this quote in 343's (Stinkles) post (#62):

"We have made zero announcements about our next projects and continue to work on our next game and technology with player's needs and interests in mind."

Note that they use the plural, "projects", suggesting that perhaps something besides Halo 6 may be coming from 343 this fall but we all know Halo 6 is inevitable.

chiefJohn117300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Halo 6 is happening but rumor has a different Halo game will be releasing

TheCommentator300d ago

Honestly, Chief, I hope 343 is working on something besides another Halo offshoot and that Halo 6 is actually on the back burner for next year or later. IMO, Halo 5 has strong MP that continues to be popular so MS would be better off keeping it in play and gaining a new IP instead of replacing it with another Halo.

300d ago
jmetalhead77812300d ago

Halo 5 multiplayer is incredible and very fun

3-4-5300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

343 has already destroyed the Halo franchise. It's a shell of it's former self.

343 can not for the life of a good multiplayer map.

What they think is not good. They have terrible taste in maps.

Halo 4&5 are terrible.

hadowajp300d ago

Right, so good EA basically ripped it off to make it into mass effect andromeda then proceeded to release it a year before it was ready

roslindros300d ago

And really for SP Halo numero uno

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PhoenixUp301d ago

No loot boxes but there will still most likely be microtransactions

TankCrossing300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

They aren't saying there are no loot boxes. Halo 5 has loot boxes.

They are saying a rumour that was going around about a knee-jerk reaction to the Battlefront 2 controversy has no basis in reality. Nothing more, nothing less.

hulijizomi300d ago

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TheCommentator300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

They aren't even saying there's a Halo 6.

yomfweeee300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Actually he kind of did say that 343 is evaluating the next game game, so they're kind of working on it.

Zeref300d ago

What game doesn't have microtransactions?

BlaqMagiq1300d ago

Plenty of fighting games and action games

indyman7777300d ago

You know a word is like a two edge sword. Cutting to the chase... By your own question I discern that you buy mostly Micro transaction games. Otherwise your question itself would be stupid.

I have avoided them except the one I didn't do research on and it was not good. I'm not missing out on anything. Micro transactions make for bad game play and being $$$ sucker.

slavish0301d ago

Do it just like halo 5. And No season pass to split the community!

Sciurus_vulgaris300d ago

I think armour should be unlocked separately from req weapons and power ups.

spicelicka300d ago

This. I have never touched a lootbox or MT in Halo 5 and I have enjoyed the game thoroughly without restrictions.

SirJoJo300d ago

Exactly this, I personally don't want them to touch the perfection of Halo 5 MP, maybe just up the graphical fidelity a little, add a few new weapons or maybe alter some existing ones and some new epic maps...thats it! Then working on making a campaign more along the lines of Halo 4 but with even more lore from the surrounding material e.g. books, anime, shorts, audio. Do that and we are GOLDEN!

isa_scout300d ago

They need to get back to what made the franchise great campaign wise. Halo 5 has amazing arena MP, but that campaign was atrocious. They didn't focus on the Chief and made Cortana a villian. WTF.

TankCrossing300d ago

Nonsense! Cortana is dead.

I can't wait to play the Halo 5 campaign. I hope nobody posts any legit spoilers before tomorrow.

isa_scout300d ago

Are you serious. If so I apologize for the spolier. I can't tell if you're being for real. And btw 3 disagrees come on people that story sucked.

indyman7777300d ago

Says the man that just said someone is dead! REALLY!? Then you complained about spoilers?

TankCrossing300d ago

Lol no I'm not serious, don't worry. I doubt there is anyone that cares about the Halo story, likes games (enough to visit N4G), and hasn't played the game yet. And if that person exists then they'd be really stupid to read the comments on an article about Halo 6 ;)