Minecraft Boss Helen Chiang on Her New Role, Breaking Records, and What's in Store For 2018

Chiang's ascension comes at a time when Minecraft is reaching all-time highs in nearly every metric; 144 million copies of the game have been sold across more than a dozen platform, with 74 million players coming back to play the game each month.

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EasilyTheBest328d ago

Wow 144 million sold with 74 million active players. They are amazing numbers....

-Foxtrot328d ago

Sales, numbers, popularity and MS funding yet the updates are so lacking

Why not just browse the mods and buy them for the official game

-Foxtrot328d ago

Salty? How's that salty?

I'm just saying I want more content for the game, that's all unless you don't want any which is crazy. They hardly update it anymore. A few years ago you always had the next update to look forward to, they had a rough idea of what month it would launch and the theme of the you hardly have any info on the game.

So don't give me that "you sound salty" bullshit like it's a fanboy thing, I'd be saying the same thing if they hadn't been bought and they were doing the same thing.

Kribwalker327d ago

they are consistently updating the better together versions i know

Brian7655492327d ago

If you play on the PS4 it might not get the better together update which is a large update,


TheCommentator326d ago

@ Brian7655492

Sony doesn't believe in better together, especially when it comes to protecting the children who Play Online in Minecraft!

327d ago
FallenAngel1984327d ago

This is the only franchise Microsoft is willing to reveal sales numbers for

327d ago
FallenAngel1984327d ago

For that game but not the entire series’ sales numbers itself

FallenAngel1984327d ago

For that game but not the entire franchise’s sales numbers itself

ThoedEssay773327d ago

I have yet to venture in the world of Minecraft, will be picking up a copy soon though.