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"Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition is a game like no other on PlayStation 4, not only in terms of its space program-running gameplay, but also in terms of what’s going on under its deceptively cartoonish hood. A very impressive physics engine is stored in there, with every orbit calculated and every atmosphere rendered. There’s plenty of meat for science nerds to dig into, not just in exploring distant planets, but also in all the little calculations you’ll need to make to keep your ship, er, shipshape. There’s centre of mass and gravity to worry about when building your spacecraft, as well as the apoapsis and periapsis to check while you’re in orbit, not to mention relative velocity."

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solderman325d ago

Well I guess they have one more chance to get it right for a potential future physical release. As it stands I'm out.

chris235325d ago

they lost me at 4/10. the game is easily among the best this generation has to offer. not for ads people though. this is a physics sim done right.