TGS 08: Resident Evil 5 Co-op Caves Gameplay

Don't bring a friend who's scared of spiders.

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Dannagar3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

You really don't have a life do you? Nearly every News story or article I post, you make the same comment. I couldn't imagine wasting my life writing the same crap over and over. If you love your PS3, you should stop neglecting it and play it sometime. PS3's are people too!

Maxned3510d ago

Wow this looks like RE4 but in Africa, which is in fact what I want. The co-op looks like it will change alot around aswell.
Anyone know if there is local splitscreen co-op?

Cwalat3510d ago

that's been confirmed...

Co-op online...
Splitcsreen Co-op offline...

DarkBlood3510d ago

sweet can't wait for this game i need it NOOOOOOOOW