Gameplanet: WipEout HD Review

Online is excellent for up to eight players, although early on Gameplanet had trouble finding players regularly. The race options are limited, but it all works brilliantly without any slow-down. This game has been made to work properly in all facets of gameplay. Watch out too for plenty of upcoming downloadable expansion packs.

It's easily one of the better PS3 games to date and for the price of three blocks of cheese is well worth adding to your collection.

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Dannagar3543d ago

Fantastic game and deal. Sony should have made a retail version. I would have gladly played $39.95.

Dragunov3543d ago

You're wrong. The game is perfect like this, i love it, but for a retail version i expect more multiplayer modes, more circuits, and awesome effects with ships exploding etc. The game is only 1GB!!