Watch Tons of Yakuza 6 Gameplay in English; The Adult "Live Chat" Minigame Won't Be Cut

Sega shows a ton of English gameplay of Yakuza 6, also talking about localization and confirming that the adult-oriented "live chat" minigame is still in.

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Rob_Ko275d ago

phiew, when I saw " won't be" in the title I thought "won't be in the game"

lxeasy275d ago

still not getting this game. I have never been blown away by any of the games in its history, I find them boring.

EXID275d ago

that's fair, it's definitely not a game for everyone. they've been getting better and better with each new game, but there are still some things that need to be addressed. it's a really great series for fans though. not many devs can hold a stable track record over and over again.

P_Bomb274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

So why click or comment??

doos_vd_kak274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Wow that's great for you!

Anyway....yakuza zero and yakuza Kiwami were quality titles. deep and well thought out storytelling, engaging gameplay and a nice mix of rpg elements. these games are the full package.I expect Kiwami 2 and yakuza 6 to be no different.

mastiffchild274d ago

lxeasy? Did you click on the tab for games of every series you dislike and won't be buying? Odd way to do things, imo.

As for Y6, it's a day one buy for me. Love the series and no other game comes close to scratching the same itch Yakuza does. Deep story with characters you know well at this point, it's pretty unique, isn't it?

chuckyj1274d ago

You're not allowed to have your own opinion on a game. Everyone on this forum tells you what games your allowed to like. I guess you didn't know you weren't allowed to find this game boring, but now you do. You're also not allowed to like any Xbox games either.

P_Bomb274d ago

More like “not allowed to troll” chuck, kinda like what you’re doing right now.

Master of Unlocking273d ago

Don't forget you can play the latest Virtua Fighter 5 (final shodown or smthg) in this one. All of it. Online, too.

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Tankbusta40275d ago

I did the sex chat once in my playthrough of the Japanese version and.....well let's just say it's pretty lame.

Prince_TFK275d ago

Cool. Can’t wait for this one. Really loved Yakuza 0. However the Live Chat is not my cup of tea though.

PlayableGamez-275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Did SEGA put VF in Yakuza as a mini game?
Day one.

Tankbusta40275d ago

It is but it's not the full game so you might be a little disappointed

Master of Unlocking273d ago

What? What do you mean "not the full game"?

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The story is too old to be commented.