What Fans Do And Don't Want To See In The New Alien Game

The excitement around the recently announced Alien shooter is growing and in a new Opinion Piece, Skewed and Reviewed look at what fans likely do and do not want to see from the pending game.

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Hardiman177d ago

The way it sounds it's gonna be online multiplayer which is a shame because Isolation was so great! Just have to wait and see.

Garethvk177d ago

I am sure Online will be a huge part. Just hope it's not a Massive Online Shooter with a monthly fee to play.

Hardiman176d ago

Yeah that's my Fear as well!

Garethvk176d ago

It would be dead on arrival if that were the case. It seems many massive online game are going free but revenue up gear and such.

sampsonon176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

if it's a great game i say take my money and keep adding to the experience

EXID176d ago

great or not, the vast majority of fans want an actual colonial marines experience. a squad-based shooter that's actually good is every fan's wet dream. we want to kill aliens with our friends, not be forced to sneak around in a 1v1 situation. isolation was good for what it was, and was actually a good game based on the aliens franchise, but everyone's still waiting for that one great aliens shooter.

Garethvk176d ago

Such great points. I remember sitting at the E3 demonstration by Randy Pitchford and the footage they showed made ACM look like a L4D style where teams of four had to go in and work through missions. We all know that was not what we got but I think it is the way to go.

SolidGear3176d ago

That would be Aliens Vs. Predator and Alien Trilogy.

Sciurus_vulgaris176d ago

I wish we got a follow up to Alien Isolation that was similar to the Metro games. My hypothetical game would have more enemies than Isolation, but it would still maintain an emphasis on stealth,exploration, and resource management

Garethvk176d ago

What I never understood was why they did not say ok we are not doing a sequel but will follow up the ending with some DLC. They had and delivered that and even released a version of the game with all of it included. By then they knew a sequel was not coming so do what EA did with Mass Effect 3 and give fans a proper ending.

Sciurus_vulgaris176d ago

I think licensing would be a likely factor. It appears Sega no longer has the Alien license, and the franchise as a whole is being bought by Disney, as the behemoth company is purchasing most of Fox's assets and IPs.

Hardiman176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

That's exactly what I wanted! Maybe I'm cynical but if it does go online shooter I don't see them keeping the numbers of Xenos numbers low. I don't think they'll put much thought into cannon and how many aliens are left there. Too early to say and it's a always good to be pleasantly surprised!

Sciurus_vulgaris176d ago

The current Alien Canon is mess due to Ridley Scott's poor story telling and lack of continuity between Prometheus, Alien Covenant and Alien/Aliens.

Hardiman176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

&Sciurus_vilgarius yes it Is but the story was talking about how in Colonial Marines there were too many Xenos. Just wave after wave and there would only be so many left there after Aliens.

SolidGear3176d ago

I don't mind it being a shooter like Alien Trilogy or Aliens Vs. Predator. I just don't want it to be online only.

rakentaja176d ago

I dont want to see 90% of times sneaking, hiding and crounching. I want to shoot aliens, thats why I skip Isolation.

PrematuaProcrastin8a176d ago

All we want as fans is a game that does what colonial marines promised it would do. A true videogame representation of "aliens". Aliens is the most fps videogame-like movie from the franchise. Gearbox fucked it up, but as a few of the AVP games prove, you CAN make a good shooter with xenomorphs as the enemies. Just please, don't touch on anything Ridley Scott did in Alien covenant. He singlehandedly, in only 1 film, ripped the heart and mystery from the series.

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