7 Things That Really Sucked About Gaming in 2017

2017 was a spectacular year for gamers but a few things really did 'grind our gears'. COG takes a look at some of the biggest fails from 2017.

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strayanalog302d ago

1. EA closes Visceral Games: Same crap, different gen.‎
2. Lack of Xbox One exclusives: Well, yeah. Microsoft had a first party problem by the end of Gen 7, so this isn't a huge shocker, but when you stumble out of the gate a learning experience is sure to follow.‎
3. Mass Effect Andromeda: EA strikes again. Seems to be a trend here. Lesson learned for another generation of gamers. I hope this brings the community together on later issues.‎
4. Lack of SNES stock: In the land of nostalgia you have to be quick, but also remember to be courteous. Scalpers, I'm looking at you, ya backwards parasites.‎
5. Sexual harassment: I'm sure we haven't seen the last of this, and I am rooting for all of these women, unless it becomes a witch hunt.‎
6. Battlefront 2 fiasco: Sadly, considering who it is, I am just not surprised by their bs. Only thing I can do is hope people wise up and gamers start coming together on problems like this.
7. No VR must-have: Did you truly expect this to start running before it learned to crawl?‎

Hardiman302d ago

Several Gamestops in my area had SNES minis so I got one. It's really cool!

Prince_TFK302d ago

I am patiently waiting for a GBA Mini. I wish they would just hurry up and announce it soon. There are so many great games that I want to revisit, namely Zelda and Pokemon.

TheOttomatic91301d ago

Pretty much anything EA touched

Felsager301d ago

In no particular order, I found 10 reasons.

1. The epic "ENRON" scam, of "SCAM CITIZEN 42", the biggest baked illusion that promises a lot and delivers none.
2. Microsoft lack of exclusives: Their console is seen as a Media Console instead of a Gaming Console.
3. Microsoft interest on MT and GAAS: Microsoft practices is out of touch with the gaming community.
4. Mass Effect Andromeda: EA decided to kill a franchise in order to bring a new one Anthem.
5. EA infestation: Everything these suits touches, it literally dies a painful death.
6. Trivial gaming news and the excess of "online biased jobs".
7. Destiny 2 low performance and fiasco: Bungie lacks the spirit they had in Halo franchise. Activision killed them.
8. High toxicity of player's behavior, sexual harassment, insults, bullying and rampant racism: That has to stop.
9. The proliferation of lame news, platitude news and cucumber news fillers bringing irrelevant debates in a gaming community.
10. Battlefield 2 Fiasco: Excess of grinding and MT.