Street Fighter V – Arcade Edition Review: 2 Years 2 Late | Garage Band Gamers

For 30 years Street Fighter has been the name fighting game enthusiasts have praised. 2 years after its initial release, SFV can finally live up to that reputation.

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boing1275d ago

Why too late? Is new street fighter coming out soon or what?

PapaBop275d ago

I'd say it's too late because the average gamer has long since moved on and no longer even has Street Fighter on their radar. If SFV launched with all the content now in the game, it could have possibly been a very different story. I think for fighters, GaaS actually works very well and what Capcom are doing with SFV is at least half way there in proof it works but it's not an excuse to release the game with the bare minimum content you can get away with while promising to finish the game two years later.

boing1275d ago

I'm sorry, but moved on to where? Street Fighter is a Street Fighter. There is nothing else to move to if you're a fan. I have the same with Tekken.

PapaBop275d ago

To *insert latest shiny game here". I'm not talking about fighting game fans here, I think the majority of them bought the original anyway because as you say, Street Fighter is Street Fighter. I'm talking about the average gamer, say one of the millions who buy games like COD and Fifa each year. That's why Tekken outsold Street Fighter in months, the package was complete from the get go and that made it lucrative to the non fighting game fans.

GBG_Jason275d ago

Agreed with PapaBop. While the title and review is my colleague's, his interpretation is what I got out of it when editing it. It's a great game, and for those that jumped in now, it's what it always should have been. For those that jumped in originally, they likely picked up other games and won't go back. I rarely find myself going to older games despite my intentions to.