Metal Gear Survive S-Rank Solo Play

CG writes: Once you can get over the rather full-on menu system in the Metal Gear Survive Beta and learn what each element brings to the table you can then focus on improving your odds in the missions. The first one might appear to be a tough campaign when playing solo but once you get a firm grasp of what to bring along and how to make the most of the extra mission objectives alongside harvesting maximum Iris energy you’ll S-Rank in no time.

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letsa_go274d ago

This site makes me think crapgamer and that is an instant avoid. haha

noxeven274d ago

I didnt even know this game had a beta

Jaypi03274d ago

Solo play cause no one wants to play it.

Jon_Targaryen274d ago

Solo campaign probably like 3 hours, whats the bet?

GamesMaster1982274d ago

Wrong. Konami has already said that the campaign should take anywhere from 15 to 20 hours to complete.

Jon_Targaryen274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Probably repeating the same BS over, over and over again like in MGS V! Still pissed that we had to do the same rescue, infiltrate and extraction missions a million times!!! I think MGS V is the game Is my most hated gaming experience in all my life as a gamer... That game showed such promise but came up so short... FML...

TricksterArrow274d ago

Always online. No thank you.

Kosic274d ago

I don't really see an issue with always online. I can't recall the last time I took my console offline on purpose.

Hardiman274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Well what happens if they shut off the servers? Single player has no need to be online as not everyone has good internet!

My Pro is always connected to the net for updates and what not but I mostly play SP.

WelkinCole274d ago

Always online game does not mean if your box is online it will be fine. If their servers goes down or they shut them down your box that might be online is of no consequence

FreddyFazbear274d ago

Whats wrong with having OPTIONS?? where you can connect anytime for as long as you want but also gives you the choice of being offline in situations like your taking your console on a place with minimal to no internet. Not everyplace in the world has fiberoptic internet. I have fiber but I dont want SP games to be connected all the time because it makes no sense!!. this is not MMO or Multiplayer. What is this Android free to play SP where you need always online??. like hardiman said. There is no guarantee that one day ex. Konami sold MGS, Konami got bankrupt or they suddenly shutdown servers because nobody is playing anymore. What happens to your SP?? Having to choose whether to connect or not is always better than 1 option. Always online. So yes its an issue. Imagine SP games like Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, FFXV, Evil within 2, Assassins creed is unplayable when you cannot connect online?? Actually i remembered AC2 on PC needs always online for the campaign. While im inside the game, I tried plugging out my router on purpose then after 30 sec nothing happens i tried playing then another 10 sec the game Kicked me off to main menu!! Said internet connection lost!! Damn. After AC2 Brotherhood revelations and others didnt need always online connection because people Complained to Ubisoft. Its absurd. Always online for SP is justified if the game is Free to play so that they can have MT as compensation for their game. But a full priced game always online?