Why our family cannot wait to play Nintendo Labo

The Nintendo Switch is already a family favourite. Labo looks set to even further cement it as the family entertainment hub.

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Knushwood Butt330d ago

Because you own a cardboard factory?

Prince_TFK330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Maybe, just maybe, because they actually have a family?

You’ll know once you actually grow up and have one somedays.

sprinterboy330d ago

The consumer there marketing won't have heard of labo yet cause they don't use gaming websites. Seen some bits on news but very brief.

sprinterboy330d ago

Stopped reading after "nintendo labo already a family favourite" looking fwd to seeing how labo pans out for nintendo but family favourite already? Ask any parent in the mall or shopping centre and I can guarantee they'll have never heard of it, like 99% of them, even the casual kids who there'll marketing won't know cause they don't browse gaming website. They'll be no demand for this until closer to launch, it's gonna need a big advertising campaign that's for sure.

marloc_x330d ago

..has been a handful of days since a couple minute video.