Call of Duty: World at War beta impressions (part 1)

Never before has a single game had so much negative opinion before it was ever played. In hindsight this is a travesty because Treyarch, the developer of Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: Big Red One and now Call of Duty: World at War has done an excellent job and this new game deserves much praise.

The reason very few people were anticipating this game is because Call of Duty 3 received a rather tepid response after the monumental hit that Call of Duty 2 (developed by co-developer, Infinity Ward) was a year earlier.

Even so, it's Beta time once again and after several hours playing (kicking ass, I must add) it's time to see what we can expect later in the year from the full game.

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Captain Tuttle3510d ago

I'm a couple of hours in and I agree with the's pretty good. I went in skeptical and ended up being fairly impressed. Hopefully WaW won't have the terrible connection issues of COD 3.