New Final Fantasy VII Remake Images Revealed

Square Enix displayed a few pieces of artwork of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 as part of an exhibition in Tokyo.

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PhoenixUp276d ago

I still feel like this game is a myth than anything to honestly get excited for. It’s going to be ages till we even see any footage of scenes that include other party members like Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Cid, & Vincent

The 10th Rider276d ago

Yeah, I mean we're just now getting concept art for a game that was announced two and a half years ago.

doos_vd_kak275d ago (Edited 275d ago )


The 10th Rider275d ago (Edited 275d ago )


Why? I know we've gotten a gameplay trailer since then, but the fact remains that it's over two and a half years since the announcement and here we are getting excited over a few pieces of concept art that aren't even direct feed . . . all because there's been so little shown. Square Enix needs to get their s*** together and stop revealing things years and years before release.

It's been two and a half years, there's no reason concept art should be what we're getting excited for.

Obscure_Observer275d ago

Looks beautiful! But i won´t be surprised if it turn out to be a PS5 release game.

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Xenophon_York275d ago

Exactly, TechnoGoat—exactly. We just think we're ready for the epicosity that will be Final Fantasy VII: Cloud IX. Minds will fuse, melt and schism apart at E3 this year...

WilliamSheridan275d ago

It's a remake for Christs sake! I appreciate a good game getting upgraded, but remakes shouldn't be that exciting. I'd it takes that long to do, I'd rather they just make a new game!!

Rockstar275d ago

PS5 Launch game. You read it here!

Godmars290276d ago

Games. Purial. Its not just going to be a one and done remake, but yet another sub-series.

Cardenjs276d ago

I had believed it was going to be "episodic"

Godmars290276d ago

it multiple installments that may go anywhere from $40 to $60 each. With addition general and event DLC. Custom MTs options.

camel_toad276d ago

"Purial" - cool new way of spelling plural? Sorry to go grammar police on you, but I had to google it to make sure it wasn't some word I had never heard of.

SarcasticDuck276d ago

I'm a SE fan but my gawd how i hate the way they handle business this days. Announcing their biggest games years before they get released only exhausts the hype!

ImportGamer3004275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Exactly look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII aka FFXV that game was announced back at E3 2006 and still we ended up having to wait 10 years and in the midst of all this SE decided hey let's make 2 sequels to Final Fantasy XIII that nobody asked for, and that further convolute the story of an already dreadful trilogy that pales in comparison to other lower budget jrpg's of last gen that had far more likable characters such as Tales of Xillia, Valkyria Chronicles, and even Xenoblade Chronicles of which fared considerably better.

Don't get me started on FFXV i am angry that SE decided after hyping the hell out of that game that they cut out the Niflheim invasion that was supposed to be a part of FFXV but instead made part of that as KingsGlaive. The story to FFXV was incomplete with some plot holes that convoluted the whole of the story, and gameplay that became stale after a while as all you had to do was hold Circle or B if you're playing on XB1, and a year later the game is being patched with another season pass on the way after the Royal Edition releases. In fact as someone who has beaten FFXV i can say NieR: Automata is way better as an action RPG than FFXV. While NieR: Automata does have it's repetitive moments the monotonous moments are very few as there are bullet hell Shmup moments and some platforming elements. The story is complete though to get the first ending takes less than 30 hours, and there are 26 endings but most of them can be finished in less than 8 - 14 hours. In fact the more endings you finish the more the whole of the story starts to gradually make more sense, and let me tell you the writer for the game Yoko Taro is a genius who should have written the story for Final Fantasy XV and they should have told them how they want the premise of the story to be about and he could've expanded upon it. This guy is such a fantastic writer that if he ever wrote his stories for the games he's had a part in i'd definitely buy those books day 1.

Obscure_Observer275d ago


Yeah, then we have to hear their constant complains about how 5 milions sold was a flop to then.

Cardenjs276d ago

It's being made concurrently with KH3, I can understand that slowing down both games.

dmonee275d ago

I concur. This will have to be a next generation game. Which will delay it again

SwampthingsSon275d ago

SE said it would come out in an episodic style to speed production up... I don’t think that helped much.

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Cardenjs276d ago

This game will come out a year, AT LEAST, after KH3

Sgt_Slaughter276d ago

Honestly, PS5 launch title doesn't sound too far out of the realm of possibility

Gardenia276d ago

To be honest, I wish they worked on the remake with the next gen in mind and not making it episodes but a full game. Take the time and release it for the PS5. Because if they screw this up...

Sgt_Slaughter275d ago

If they mess this up or put too much extra fluff like microtransactions or DLC then they'll lose a ton of fans

BABY-JEDI276d ago

I miss looking forward to the remake (I loved the original). But I'm not chasing the hype train. It will be brilliant, but SE take your time 😄

FreddyFazbear276d ago

Lame Just Artwork. After the FFXV Royal Edition, Im not surprised square would release an incomplete game. They releally are slow in making games it took them a whole year to add those contents on FFXV? like really?? And judging from the Trailer of royal edition there is a cutscene where old noctis talking to his remaining people which dressed as kingsglaives and Cor is also at his side before assaulting insomnia. Like really?? your adding another Cutscene that should have been at launch? Wow

TricksterArrow276d ago

This has nothing to do with FF7 tho.

FreddyFazbear276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

I just inserted my thoughts about how square is right now regarding developing games. All they can show is a lame artwork? they can be bothered to show just 1 or 2 screencaps of the game itself?? I said about FFXV royal edition because i think thats what is going to happen to FF7 remake sell you an incomplete game also episodic and after 1 or 2 years, they will sell you the Complete Edition.

PixelOmen276d ago

I def don't disagree that SE takes forever to do anything, and that FFXV was incomplete, but they've added a boatload of stuff to that game in the last year. It's been a lot more than just a cutscene.

Gatsu275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

For example, Cyberpunk 2077 was revealed 5 years ago and still dont know when it release... so it's lame too? Pretty normal to take long time for a good game.

Also CDProjekt hasnt shown pretty much anything since the reveal trailer of their upcoming game.

FreddyFazbear275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Bro FFXV (FF Versus XIII) was how long since reveal?? Since E3 2006?? And they released it 10 years later as an incomplete and unfinished game?? indirectly admitting this by releasing The royal Edition which includes cutscenes not in the DLCs which is an important part of the story like Noctis Talking to remaining hunters dressed as kingsglaive with cor at his side. Cyberpunk was 5 years but FFXV 10 years so there should be no excuse even saying that it should be a PS3 game moved to PS4 so everything should be scrapped is still a lame excuse. No its not normal. Guerilla games released an Open World Horizon Zero dawn. After killzone in 2013 they released after 4 years a complete game. no bullcrap and the frozen wilds is a very lengthy dlc imagine they could cram all those within 4 years and still they are successful. CDprojeckt atleast even taking long they released the game. While Square who knows when will FF7 gets releases i would also be pissed if they moved it to PS5 so it will take another several years and you need to buy a new console. And even if making a cross gen game is not good since it will held back the games potential like cross gen dragon age inquisition to Witcher 3 which is current gen only, even the dev of DA admitted they should not have made the game cross gen. I dont know what your getting at with your comment. Is it defending square?? They are teaching us not to buy games Day one!! its not just about dlcs but other content that should be in the game. How about those of us who bought the vanilla game?? oh right $20 for the royal edition on the PSN and the Royal Edition retail will of course be $60. nice.

Nebaku275d ago

Maybe you should take into account that they DIDN'T show "lame artwork"? A fan uploaded camera shots he wasn't supposed to from an event. This wasn't a press release on their part.

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