An Ode to Kirby, Nintendo’s Most Underrated Mascot

Nintendo has always had that unique quality of creating memorable characters that stick with you for years. Either through the games that make them household names or the endless amounts of cute merchandise that litter pop culture stores. Whether it’s an Italian plumber, a talking glove commentator or a bunch of squid kids, no matter what they manage to come up with it’s almost always magical. And yet, the only character on that roster that makes eating an artwork isn’t always listed among the best.

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TekoIie34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I feel like the success of Mario Odyssey proves that a 3D Kirby is easily possible.

PhoenixUp34d ago

Nintendo barely makes non-Mario 3D platformers. When was the last time they made one?

TekoIie33d ago

It's been a long time but it'd be great to see some of Nintendo's other franchises have a chance to branch out into other genres.

If you think about it though Mario: Odysseys capture mechanic is kinda similar to Kirby's inhale ability which shows how Kirby could easily translate into a 3D platformer.

PhoenixUp33d ago

@ Tek

Kirby’s floating seems like it’d be a huge detriment to a fully 3D Kirby. Kirbys ability to fly and the verticality of 3D platforming don't go together very well. They’ve experimented with the idea multiple times and they couldn’t get it to work.

The closest we got so far is an isometric platformer in the form of Kirby 3D Rumble.

@ Nec

Those are Mario spinoffs though. You’ll never see Nintendo make a 3D platformer nowadays that isn’t related to Mario at all.

FallenAngel198434d ago

I can think of a lot more underrated Nintendo mascots than Kirby

Father__Merrin33d ago

Never liked any Kirby game. It's a great mascot and titles should be made though

NecrumOddBoy33d ago

Kirby is like Castlevania in many ways. It's a cute platformer but my man has some epic power abilities. I want a really in-depth Kirby game. Not really into a multiplayer game with Smash Bros Kirby's. Hopefully this delivers.

marloc_x33d ago

..perhaps you might enjoy a Labo / Kirby collaboration Merrin