Casual Review Reviews: Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths

Casual Review writes: "Who'd have thought that kitchens and bathrooms would be the subject of a Top 10 game? Apparently, people really enjoy building toilets and kitchen sinks on their computers, and Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths lets you do exactly that. It's quite deceptive, how they did it: you think it's just an interior decorating game, but actually half of it is click-management. The other half is spent decorating for clients who are more cryptic than the Riddler.

The game is divided into two parts. In the Design part, a client describes what he wants in a strange riddle: e.g. "I love trees and frogs" (he likes green) or "I need to be up and moving quickly" (he wants a coffee machine). You guess what furniture and decor he likes without going over budget, and fill up a happiness meter to pass the stage. Truth be told, we didn't enjoy the riddles; thankfully there's a Hint button that spells it out for you, though it'll cost you points. And points are everything, because they unlock more furniture. I ran into a level I couldn't finish because I didn't have the right furniture unlocked yet."

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