Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset Review

XBA says: It’s no secret that if you want the best audio experience for your gaming, you either need a killer sound setup or a great pair of decent headphones. I for one can’t afford, nor have the room, for a massive audio setup with 7.1 speakers littered around the living room, and since I have a wife and kid, I opt to go the headphone route. I’ve had numerous headsets over the years, from cheap entry level stereo headsets to $400 monsters that sound absolutely incredible.

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Xb1ps4329d ago

Must be nice to not have to use up a USB port.. sucks when you have to charge something but have the head phone, and external drive hooked up.

I have the 420x+ sometimes I get some weird popping, that sound from back in the day when you have the head phones on and plug it into the jack?! If volume is loud it can bother but it’s rare and sounds really good so it’s ok..

What I don’t like is when you have it on for a while it breaks the immersion when it says it’s going to shut off hit power to cancel.. so annoying..