It’s more than just cardboard - Here’s why Nintendo Labo is another Switch masterstroke

Nintendo’s new cardboard Switch toys are going to change the game.

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CyberSentinel301d ago

They aren’t games, they are tech demos at best. Wii sports all over again. I have no doubt it will sell, the cost to profit ratio is through the roof. I however, will spend my money on real games.

Neonridr300d ago

fair enough, this product isn't aimed at everyone anyways.

Outside_ofthe_Box300d ago

Don't get why people are quick to hate on this and slam Nintendo for even thinking about the idea. This is actually a case where the 'if you don't like it, don't buy it' saying should be used. It's not like Labo is being forced on us or is an integral part of the Switch's future. You can perfectly game on the Switch without spending a penny on Labo. If it's a success, great for Nintendo's bank account, if not the naysayers get to sleep better at night I guess. It's not that big a deal.

Neonridr300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

personally I love the fact that Nintendo is doing this. People will mock them and say that it's stupid or they don't get it, but at least Nintendo is trying to give us different experiences. I will give Sony some credit for at least bringing VR to the console world but it's not like it was their idea, VR on PC has been around longer. But aside from that MS and Sony are content with just giving us a box that's tethered to your TV where you sit down and play a game. Nothing has changed in the 30+ years I have been gaming. Nintendo decided they didn't want you gaming in front of your TV all the time, so here comes the gameboy. Nintendo decided they didn't want you to always sit on your butt to play games, so here comes the Wii. Nintendo decided they didn't want you to have to choose between a console or a handheld, so they gave us the Switch.

I love that they are challenging our conventional ways of playing. I have an i7-8700k + 1080ti gaming PC along with my PS4 Pro. I don't need Nintendo to follow suit. When I showed my 5 year old son the robot suit part he went nuts. I just had to preorder that for him. It's these sorts of things that get us talking, that make us realize what the core mechanic of gaming is... to just have fun, regardless of how silly you might look doing it. Fun isn't about looking cool, or pumping out the most polygons. It's about forgetting the world and letting your imagination run rampant. Being a kid again, or for some of us older folk, a kid at heart.

I say this is a welcome change and I can't wait to see what sorts of things we get to create with them. That being said, I fully understand it's not for everyone. But ironically the bulk of the people bashing it are ones who don't even own a Switch anyways. So they weren't going to enjoy it in the first place.

FreddyFazbear300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

People mock everything. You dont think Sony and PS4 is not mocked over?? i get that your a nintendo fan and give way more credit to nintendo than it is like saying Nintendo dont want you stuck to tv so gameboy, dont want you stuck on your sofa so Wii, dont want you to choose so switch. I have predicted earlier Back in 2015 about Nintendo releasing a new console and Spot on I said its a Hybrid and i am right. im still digging my comment. Anyway Nintendo is that company who will always think something whether gimmicky or not to set them apart which is a good thing. I was once a Nintendo fan believe it or not but they lost me when the Wii launched. Sure its different motion gaming. But after contemplating i thought it was a fad and it is with kinect and move gone and the Failure of the Wii-U. I love my SNES, N64, Gameboy Color and Gamecube. I said no to PSone. then came the Wii. I just simply cannot ignore games like Metal gear 4, Resident evil 5,6, GTA 4, Dragon age, Batman arkham Asylum, Uncharted, God of war, Heavy rain etc. which i cannot play on a Wii and the Graphics of the wii was just a slight upgrade over the gamecube so no 3rd party. I love mario and Zelda but I can only choose 1 console due to time and money. If ever Nintendo released a hardware that would rival a PS4 and the graphics of mario, zelda and metroid are uncharted like plus full 3rd party support then Nintendo will win another Fan in me and ill say its Game Over for competitors. Imagine playing mario and games like witcher 3 on same console?? That would be insane!!. But Nintendo nowadays went with the safe route such as portability which sacrificed power and thus switch was born. Sorry for the long comment, just want that out of my chest LOL. But i have nothing but good things to say about Nintendo exclusives like Mario Odyssey, Its amazing saw it up close on an HDTV, and Zelda, although I would have wished they stop using the Cel shaded look. Twilight Princess for me is the best looking Zelda still with a mature link and the graphics really made use of the gamecube, then Xenoblade 2. And its also a big help switch is getting 3rd party even if they are few like NBA 2k18, Doom, LA noire etc. But nintendo still needs alot more to convince me to buy their system again. Mario and Zelda wont be enough.

NecrumOddBoy300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

This looks like those Sharper Image tablet accessories that you see on shelves at Walmart around Christmas time they're try kids. They're right next to the fake VR headsets like Dinosaur Adventures or whatever. They just look really cheap and they're really expensive.

But if I were Nintendo I would create a Nintendo Loot Crate every month that would include a Labo creation kit, a toy or a t-shirt, an indie game, plus other random Nintendo chachkas. That would be worth maybe 30 bucks a month I think it makes so much more. I used to love getting Loot Crates even though they get extremely expensive.

Cobra951300d ago

"Don't get why people are quick to hate on this and slam Nintendo for even thinking about the idea."

I don't hate them for it, Outside. I don't hate Fisher-Price for making plastic toys for toddlers either. I just have no interest in them. I don't buy game systems to make things out of cardboard.

Outside_ofthe_Box300d ago

♦ " I don't hate them for it, Outside. I don't hate Fisher-Price for making plastic toys for toddlers either. I just have no interest in them. I don't buy game systems to make things out of cardboard. " ♦

Ok Mr. Wise guy, you know what I mean.

First off, if you want to get technical I never said you or anyone hated Nintendo. I said "quick to hate on this" which implies hating on Labo, not Nintendo

Second, you say you have no interest? Cool because that was exactly the point of my comment. You don't like, then don't but it. Simple.

Last but not least, your "I don't buy game systems to make things out of cardboard" is another point my comment was addressing. I am quite sure that Nintendo is perfectly fine if you bought the Switch WITHOUT the intention of making things out of cardboard. . . crazy I know. There are plenty of game already out and more incoming for you to play on the system. Labo doesn't affect that all.

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Moonman300d ago ShowReplies(1)
PhantomS42300d ago

They are mini-games and simple creation tools so you can make your own stuff to come to life. It's also not meant for you and they straight out said that. It's FOR KIDS and there is nothing wrong with that. It's not for me either, I'm certainly not buying this but seeing the possibilities for kids is awesome.

Father__Merrin300d ago

You don't create anything it's almost pre built. All you can do is colour it in

Cobra951300d ago

On that I agree. Kids will likely eat this up.

Segata300d ago


More kids own an Xbox and PS4.

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tontontam0300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Real games?????Define what a game is?

dillydadally300d ago

They're tech demos, huh? So you've played them? You know exactly what they're going to be already? You might be right, but Nintendo has a pretty good history of making charming, engaging games and have been hitting it out of the park lately. I'll tell you, comparing it to Wii Sports, a game most people played to death, isn't helping your argument.

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chris235300d ago

masterpiece as in „the next audacity and ripping move of nintendo“? then you‘re right.

Sm00thNinja300d ago

Nintendo could literally sh** in a box and people would spin it as the next big thing. Really excited about the Switchs future. Would love some online network details soon, but this, I'm just not buying this.

CorndogBurglar299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

Its for kids. It was announced as that, and they even said it BEFORE the announcement.

I wouldn't buy it for myself either, but my 8 year old daughter would love this.

I donxt know that I would call it the next big thing either, but there's also nothing wrong with making things strictly for kids either.

Sm00thNinja299d ago

My kids would probably love this too, but regardless of who it's for.... it's still cardboard. Just not interested rn

CorndogBurglar299d ago

Saying its just cardboard is drastically oversimplifying it. There is software involved and games to play in that software. Thats like saying that our consoles are just plastic and circuitry when they do so much more than that.

Sm00thNinja299d ago

Plastic is a higher quality material than cardboard.

CorndogBurglar299d ago

Yes. Plastic is higher quality. But would you spend $400 on a console made of plastic that didn't do anything? No of course not.

This is isn't just a piece of cardboard. Its got the cut outs to make the objects then the software. For $70. Its essentialmy the price of a game with a little extra for the cardboard and cutouts. Again. Big difference.

Sm00thNinja299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

I'll stick to my original statement. Nintendo could sh** in a box and people would defend it as the highest quality shit you could buy
You seem to be one of these people. To each their own I love my Nintendo Switch. I'm excited about it's future, but LABO is not for me. You seem to be trying to convince yourself rather than convince others.
I get the promise behind it, but it's cardboard... And the asking price is too steep. I'm sure it'll sell buckets regardless.

If Nintendo's next console pumps out 8k visuals and beams me into the game but is made of cardboard I'm still going to be skeptical. No need to be so defensive about this.

Father__Merrin300d ago

The games will be drab mini games. After you use it once what do you do?

superchiller300d ago

Throw the cheap cardboard junk into the trash.

Segata300d ago

Worth more than your existence.

The_Sage300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I'd be ashamed of anyone that bought this. It's as bad as one of those stupid fingerlings. Smh.

Quetzll300d ago

You're just mad because you're too old and manly to ask your mum for this as a birthday gift. Just ask for cash or a gift card and you can buy it without letting anyone know how cute you are.

The_Sage300d ago

I am very cute... And thanks for that. I only mean it's a bad purchase because it's appears to be a cheaply made fad object. Much like the fingerlings, or fidget spinners, or tickle me Elmo, or beanie babies, or cabbage patch kids, or any of those ridiculous fad things.

I think that's what they are trying to do with it. If my 16 year old son bought one, I would honestly be embarrassed for him.

Quetzll300d ago

Those things don't actually have a function though. These toy-cons do.

And yeah a 16yo will probably say screw it. My son is 6 so I'm excited to watch him build some of these things. Apparently the piano can take two hours to build and has knobs for tone and effects, which IMO is pretty darn cool.

Now imagine a new Mario Maker that can use these. Lots of cool possibilities.

mcstorm300d ago

Well that just means it's not your type of game plus if it's not your type of game then you have a right to be mad so to speak just like cod, spiderman, gta and others are not my type of game but millions of others like them. Don't like it cool let others enjoy it though really is that simple.

The_Sage300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I'm not mad... I do think they are trying to separate gamers from their cash with a cheaply made thing that is designed to be a fad. Don't get me wrong.... I am fully in the to each their own camp, but I would be embarrassed for my 16 year old son if he bought one.

mcstorm300d ago

It's not designed for 16 year olds though and that's fine if you think that as we all think different

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