God Of War's Developers On Finally Finishing The Game

While the team at Santa Monica Studio remains silent on the exact release date, Game Informer spoke with creative director Cory Barlog and studio head Shannon Studstill about how much is left to accomplish before the game hits store shelves.

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AspiringProGenji327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Still hoping for March release. Either way, I’ll have SotC and Dissidia NT to keep me busy until this. Yet another great start for PS4 👌🏼

starchild327d ago

Yeah, I hope for March too. I just can't wait anymore for this game. The possibility of a new God of War was one of the reasons I bought my PS4.

RememberThe357327d ago

March 22nd fellas... Bank on it.

Ceaser9857361327d ago

By Jan i am expecting an Announcement with the game going Gold..

FarEastOrient327d ago

Rumor of Super Bowl commercial and announcement.

Markusb33327d ago

The year is already starting off well with early releases I think 2018 will smash 2017 in the face

Outsider-G327d ago

The picture is a good fit of how many Twitter users are asking Cory Barlog for the release date.

Ashunderfire86327d ago

I am going to say that this game will come out in April or June the latest. If it was really coming out in March They should already prepare to announce a release date sometime this month. I feel they are going to announce it maybe in February.

Outsider-G327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Too many hints point to March. Few retailers having March 22nd, especially the PSN store before removed. The anniversary of the first game releasing the same day. We'll most likely get a release date next week.

I called up EBGames (our Canadian GameStop) and asked if the Collector's Edition is coming to Canada, and the women said "No, all I know is that the game is coming out in March"

Also, a Collector's Edition Prima Guide was added on Amazon this week.

Tallpine327d ago

God of War 1 - March 22 2005
God of War 2 - March 13 2007
God of War 3 - March 16 2010
God of War Ascension - March 12 2013

These guys really like march.

DialgaMarine327d ago

It’s the month named after the Roman God of War.

nix327d ago

Oh nice... That's a good little trivia.

Ceaser9857361327d ago

Also 22nd March 2018 is a Thursday and according to Norse Myth the word Thursday came from "THOR"

justsomeoffdude327d ago

They may decide not to release in march since it's a "different" god of war game (I really hope not though)

Dragonscale327d ago

@Dialga, but kratos was greek and the greek gow was aries. Your sill correct though.

Chevalier327d ago

As Dialgamarine mentioned Mars was the specific Roman God of War that the month of March was named after

Twas the month of farming and warfare.

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Tigerblud327d ago

I think they will announce it during the Superbowl

Rimeskeem327d ago

Will likely be a Super Bowl commercial or something.

Markusb33327d ago

When is that for uk dudes ?

Obscure_Observer327d ago


"I am going to say that this game will come out in April or June the latest."

June? Not a chance. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out on July 12th according to an Amazon leak. Sony has the marketing rights so God of War in June is a definelly no!

BIGBOSS08327d ago

It's pretty much guaranteed for march at this point. It'll be announced any day now.

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agent13327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

We have waited a lot of years for new gow, they should make sure it's as much as polished and perfect as possible.
I loved gow 4 since i watched the first trailer even though I'm an old fan of the series and finished all previous games for several times i think all thess changes they have made has improved gow to a very higher level.

fenome327d ago

Exactly, I'm fine with them taking their time and polishing it up. This is a complete change in direction for them so I'm sure they're just trying to make sure they nail it right out of the gate. Too many games release too soon now because of being pushed out by unrealistic release dates and end up buggy messes for the day one buyers that end up needing multiple patches.

I'm an OG GOW fan myself and I loved all their old games (yes, even Ascention), so I'm really looking forward to seeing their new take on the series.

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