Final Fantasy Exhibition Shows Grown-up Tidus and Yuna, FFXV Art, Haurchefant Memorial, and More

Square Enix showcases some never-seen-before art and emotional memorabilia at a Final Fantasy 30th-anniversary art exhibition in Tokyo.

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SarcasticDuck247d ago

still think Tidus should've become Leviathan in the final boss

Snookies12246d ago

But he wasn't actually a fayth, he was just brought into the world by them. So, he wouldn't have a 'summon' form.

SarcasticDuck246d ago

Wasn't he a dream? So are Aeons! I thought it was clear that at some point he was gonna be Leviathan!

Snookies12246d ago

@SarcasticDuck - I mean, I guess you could technically call Tidus an Aeon. Just based off a human form, rather than a creature.

indyman7777246d ago

am I the only one that is interested in this:
"There is a tricky technique that Aeris does not die." If you played, there is something that you can raise up at this exhibit. "

-Gespenst-247d ago

Those aren't really new. Non-colored versions are seen in the audio drama included in the HD remaster. That's how they're both supposed to look during the audio drama, which is set after X-2 and possibly Last Mission. Still, cool to see it colored. Fingers crossed for X-3!

Segata246d ago

Tidus shouldn't have a head.

FalconofLucis246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

You shouldnt have a head.

Segata246d ago

I don't think people get my comment. There was a radio drama where Tidus kicked what looked like a blitzball and it blew off his head and his head landed in Luna's lap and she passed out. This is an official one from Square. It's one of the most unintentionally hilarious things Square has done with FF characters.

Magnus246d ago

I wish cool exhibitions went on tour and came to North America FFX is my fave FF game I want that Yuna pic hanging on my wall.

tigertron246d ago

Am I right in thinking they're actually planning on X-3?

-Gespenst-246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

No confirmation yet, but a lot of things point towards it, and Motomu Toriyama might be directing it. See here:

Toriyama has been working on a game for ages now, and no one knows what it is.

Edit: There's also what Shinji Hashimoto said in late 2016:

Zanarkand244d ago

On top of that back when FFXIII had started on PS2, beta screenshots contained Rikku and Yuna in which this concept looked more like FFX-3 and not so much XIII. But it could have been the latter.

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The story is too old to be commented.