TGS 2008: Level-5 Booth Report

Level-5 is still pretty small scale when it comes to publishing, but you wouldn't know that by simply looking at the studio's Tokyo Game Show booth. The booth appeared to be as large as any major publisher's booth, something that's sure to be appreciated on the public days by the masses hoping to see trailer footage for Ni no Kuni and the other titles that were announced at the company's recent announcement press conference.

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Gothdom3423d ago

A pain in the arse.

Sorry, it was an obvious joke, but I'd have to check what it is, I never heard of it.

Panthers3423d ago

Me either. They said mock items so maybe it is inside the game or something. Just a model maybe. I have no clue though.

eagle213423d ago

They are growing fast from their desire to make quality software. :)

Internet Trolling Ex3423d ago

The new and improved Square-enix.

eagle213423d ago

They are a breath of fresh air. Will keep Square on their toes. :)

DNAgent3423d ago

Level 5 is good but I don't think they can put Square on their toes seeing as it will be kind of hard now that Square has fallen flat on their face.

Max Power3423d ago

more like old square soft.