Should Alien Games Die Like Ripley?

Another attempt is being made at an AAA Aliens game, this time from Fox's own new publishing arm. But can the IP be redeemed?

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Marcello330d ago

Alien Isolation 2 is needed. Alien Isolation proved beyond doubt that a good Alien game could be made.

3-4-5328d ago

Why does want everything to die all the time? Are they some kind of sick perverts ?

camel_toad328d ago

I loved Isolation but I never finished it - I've always intended to but it's like diving back into hell intentionally.

Imalwaysright327d ago

Alien vs predator 2 showed it 17 years ago (didn't play the 1st). I would recommend it for the younger guys/gals around here that are Alien fans.

gangsta_red330d ago

"Should Alien Games Die Like Ripley?"

And then be cloned again for a cheap sequel!

Marcello330d ago

Lol Alien 3 & 4 were big mistakes

camel_toad328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

I know it's the die hard fan in me but I have never seen a bad alien film, even though 3 was just okay at best. It's kinda like Dark Souls for me. Dark Souls 2 is my least-liked of the series but even that is still a great game compared to most games.

bigmalky328d ago

I liked 3 and Resurrection... Just not as much as Alien and Aliens.

Now Predator... The AvP movies were bad and Predators was a little bit crappy. Hope they make the new film great.

Miss_Vixen328d ago

I actually one of the few who liked 3 & 4. It's the newers movies Prometheus & Covenant that I'm not too fond of.

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2pacalypsenow330d ago

Redeemed? Isolation was amazing.

If they make Isolation 2, it will be a day 1 for me.

Fist4achin328d ago

Isolation kicked ass! Some parts drove me a little nutty, but overall it was great. If they wanted to do an fps, then they better model and develop it much better than the games in the past. If not, then dont waste the time and money.

1-pwnsause-1328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Alien games should be all about the horror... not about combat, as long as games like Alien Isolation is made, then no... they shouldnt die. and right now, rebellion if they are making the next alien game, has a chance to make this franchise big, all due to VR.

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The story is too old to be commented.