Alone in the Dark for PS3 to be much improved? Where does this leave MS?

From the article:
"The following are some of the changes that will apparently be taking place:

- Full 360 degree camera control: enhanced camera controls allows complete freedom of the camera and better handling of third person movement for even more immersive gameplay enabling players to view the fire and mass destruction they are causing in all of its glory.
- Fine-tuned controls: quicker and smoother reactivity of the hero's movements in third person view increases the pace of the game and makes for faster, reflexive gameplay during tense fighting scenarios;
- Inventory system more accessible...

This begs the question; how well spent were the gazillions poured out by Microsoft in securing staggered "exclusive" releases, if it gives developers an extra six months to listen to any criticisms, and release a better version of the game on the competitors' console?"

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DaTruth3388d ago

Thanks for running the Beta for us!

Egzekutor3388d ago

Just like Bioshock was supposed to be better ?
No thanks. I will wait for first party exclusive titles.

Raoh3388d ago

no one ever said it was supposed to be better. the goal from the developer/publisher was to deliver the same experience as close as possible.

DARKTRINITYxxx3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Yeah no thanks the PS3 Bishock demo was appauling and this Alone in the dark didnt even score well on the XFLOP. I,ll stick with Deadspace, Silent Hill Homecomming and Siren Blood Curse all releasing on Blueray this month and Resi 5 next year.