Attack on Titan 2 Shows Gameplay Running on Nintendo Switch and PS Vita in New Trailers

Attack on Titan 2 receives two new trailers showing the game running on Nintendo Switch and PS Vita hardware.

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VersusDMC328d ago

They actually optimized the Switch version so it looks good. I thought they were going to just put the vita version on the switch. That Vita version looks awful...

cleft5328d ago

Most games on the Switch actually looks good. It makes you really think about this 4k craze going on right now when some of the most beautiful games we can point to our on the Switch. Certainly, you can see the limitations. But its not so bad that it would make you not want to play the game.

I am not saying 4k and better graphics is bad or anything. I am just saying, that what we are being offered right now isnt enough to make the performance the Switch outputs so bad that you wouldnt buy the game on the console. I feel like when we do get there, there will be a Switch 2. It really makes you think about the direction we are headed in.

cpayne93328d ago

Yeah I mean some games on ps3 like god of war and uncharted 3 still looks really good, makes you realize how much little can be improved now in terms of visual fidelity. Its nothing like past jumps between generations.

VersusDMC328d ago

Let's not get crazy. WWE2k18 looks atrocious and doom on switch is a downgrade being sold at full price. Most ports of PS4/Xbone versions are a severe downgrades at full price. Hopefully they start to get their act together like omega force seems to have with attack on Titan 2.

WPX328d ago

Doom may be downgraded but it is a really good, perfectly playable port. WWE2K18 on the other hand is a example of an glitchy, messy, f****** catastrophe and a badly optimized port(which the people porting tried to brute-force the original code).

SuperSonic91328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

I thought Nintendo fans don't care about graphics... and graphics don't matter, right?

marloc_x328d ago

Graphics don't matter..

..unless collecting a stack of pretty PS4 games one couldn't be bothered to play.

vladstad327d ago

man that vita version is pretty bad looking and the pop in. dear lord entire mountains pop in, atleast add some lod to the mountains.