Little Big Planet: Requires A 600MB Install

A good old insider has sent along even more pictures of his Little Big Planet un-boxing and installation. This time, he provides a close up of the back of the box which confirms that 600MB of drive space is needed.

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HighDefinition3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

You`ll ever install.

gaffyh3232d ago

I'm sure the devs said it would be ~1Gb 0_o, anyways the smaller the better I guess.


whoelse3232d ago

Absolutely. Shame all games aren't like this but I don't think this game needs to constantly read the information as much as memory intensive games like MGS4.

shovelbum3232d ago

Heck I'm an archaeologist so waiting an additional 45 minutes to play the game isn't too big of a deal in the scheme of things. I am not a huge fan on the installs but it is what it is.

Fishy Fingers3232d ago


A 600mb install should take no more than 2 minutes.

Kratos Spartan3232d ago

Around my block, it takes about 4-6 hours to download a demo, and about 14 hours for a movie. Man that sucks.

Overr8ed3232d ago

kratos. the install is by disk so your net speed doesnt effect the timing.

Kratos Spartan3232d ago

DUH! silly me. My excuse is I just got out of bed. bubbles for you.

Overr8ed3232d ago

thanks Kratos (wow i never thought ill say that 0_0)

Why o Why you lucky MF, shoot i can only afford LBP & Socom this month =(.

nbsmatambo3232d ago

the installation could have been 3GBs and i would have still not cared =D

uie4rhig3232d ago

if its for LBP.. i'll gladly fill the HDD, but then again, i don't want to wait that long!! WAIT!!! i take it back.. unless Sony puts the install online before the game is in store (say one day or two or sumit) so i can download it and install it so i can play it straight away when i buy it :)

gambare3232d ago

considering the levels, high quality textures, animations, the creation tools, the space required for custom levels 600Mb it's not much space, it's the most useful install I have ever seen.

yaboi3231d ago

the best agree/disagree ratio i have ever seen

facepalm3231d ago

^-^ 600MB for the install, but I know that I'm going to waste GBs upon GBs of space for this game. Level Downloads/Uploads GALORE!!

johover1123231d ago

i already have LittleBigPlanet and the install time is no more than like 3 to 4 minutes, small price to pay for a massive fun game.

god_o_war3231d ago

600mb is nuthin as long as it aint like gt5P im happy damn why o why howd u get it so early???

Mini Mario3231d ago

i thought this game would be too kiddie for u guys?

Guess if it was a wii title thats what it wouldve been labled ey guys!

johover1123231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

i have a friend that owns a game store, as soon as the shipments come in, im there! lol. I only had LittleBigPlanet for about 2 days now

White-Sharingan3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

@ Mini Mario- green is not a good color on you

Mini Mario3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

"@ Mini Mario- green is not a good color on you "

Why? i have a ps3.

My comment was based on the sony guys that come over to the wii forums and tells us how kiddie our games are. I just couldnt understand why they would be interested in this seemingly "kiddie" game.

Im not saying "I" wont buy it, i was just wondering why the ps3/360 ONLY gamers would be interested based on what the sony and microsoft posters post in on the wii forum. (your one of them!)

Just curious. Because lets b honest if it was a wii game thats what alot of u would be saying. Like the game "World of goo" thats coming out on the wii ware service which was one of the 9 games coming out on a list that u stated werent "real games".

also (from another page which i have no bubbles left) u said:-

"First of all; where did I ever state that Nintendo just started doing that?"

well u didnt say it but u sure as hell made that quite clear :-

""Wii isnt for games; just Wii sports; Wii Fit; Wii Music; Wii Chess; Wii play; Wii sports 2"

ie...the over use of the word wii in a sarcastic manner. And plz, dont deny thats not what u meant, because its quite obvious that it is.

Mini Mario3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

"Gosh I love how nintendo fans try an act all mature and diss PS3/360 games just because they are rated M; lol I guess thats the only thing you can come up with Mini Mario? how sad"

Yeh im a nintendo fan..a sony fan....a microsoft fan (to a degree)...a sega fan....because my aviator is "mini mario" doesnt mean im "nintendo only".

Not that i care what u think or even care if u belive me. I mean why would i go down to your level.

"Gosh I love how nintendo fans try an act all mature and diss PS3/360 games just because they are rated M"

O yeh i "diss" all you "mature" gamers because u play GTA...ahh wait a minute if i play GTA does that mean that im making fun of myself>>? That doesnt make sense. But my actual point was (because u obviously missed it) was that ppl that post all the hate call themselves mature yet, they really seem far from mature based on what they say about other consoles and how i LOL'd at the way they think mature games to them include beating up hookers and taking their money (in GTA), ..well to be honest their is alot of irony their that to me was really funny.

SWORDF1SH3231d ago

^^^^who knocked the sugar off his doughnut

Ateanboy3231d ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! !

I can't wait for this game!!!

White-Sharingan3231d ago

@Mini Mario - take it easy hulk; no need to pop a vein

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TheColbertinator3232d ago

Around half of a gig,I believe

HighDefinition3232d ago

Would be correct.

Why are you in the Open Zone?

TheColbertinator3232d ago

I like it here.Its funny to see the comments of Queefy B and the people who respond to him or imitate him

HighDefinition3232d ago

I know this place, is hilarious.

Some of the comments in a wierd way, are GOLD!!!

Silogon3232d ago

Isn't the game only 900 mb or is that just the beta? I thought they said originally the game was like 40 gb and now they're backing out of that claim or is that just talk?

Is it really 900 mb, cause if so why not just make it a PSN DL and be done with it? That'd be my speed. Eitherway I'm buying it, but if it's under a GB of data why ot toss it up o the network too?

TheColbertinator3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Pay attention Silogon.The full game is 40GB and the install is 600MB.Of course downloading more levels will take up more MB

HighDefinition3232d ago

It is around 40gb, MM said the BETA was a "very gimped version" of the full game, which is unbelievable.

Like Steven said, pay attention this is a Install!

SeanScythe3232d ago

Are you really that dence? The beta is only 4 small levels and a very small sample of the objects that the game will have. The full games story mode is 50+ levels, tons of tools, stickers, clothing, and costumes. The 600mb install is going to just help load faster and more then likely load the popit menu quicker.