A few No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle details

Some of the first details of No More Heroes: Desperate Struggles have been released.

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No FanS Land3570d ago

I'm already getting hyped for this game. such a violent art!

from the beach3570d ago

This'll be sweet - hey, maybe they'll make it less of a totally blatantly obvious GTA rip-off, get rid of those annoying jobs where you have to work to earn money like in the real world and fix up the graffickz, then it'll get 10/10 review scores and the Wii will finally have a good game.

Captain_Sony3570d ago

Sorry but anyone who thinks it had anything to do with GTA obviously NEVER even played the game..

from the beach3570d ago

Heh, that comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously - there were reviews that criticised the city map on the basis that it was like a bad version of GTA. The game is probably my favourite of the year so far.

SeraphimBlade3570d ago

I liked the first game. it had its flaws, mostly repetitive levels and fights. and i thought that if they made the sequel, they'd try to clean those flaws up. but since they seem so proud of the team that made it, i'm not sure anymore. i'll definitely check it out for the sake of seeing the crazy crap that goes down in it.
fun fact: the real ending of the first game has Sylvia saying "I know, right? too bad there won't be a sequel." But then the words "To Be Continued" pop up on screen. I don't know what Suda51's on, but he better not try to come off it anytime soon.