Nintendo Adds Almost $1.4 Billion In Value Thanks To Labo Project

The value of Nintendo in the financial market increased 2.4% after the presentation of Labo, which translates into a significant amount of $1.4 billion.

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Prince_TFK330d ago

And who say that the Labo is a failure? It earns Nintendo more money even before it is released.

mikeslemonade330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

They're not smart investors. It will flop. They think the market value will spike like it did with the Switch.

marloc_x330d ago

Take a guess mike, at sales in 30 days..🤔

mikeslemonade330d ago

It can sell just as much as any game but you guys thinking it’s revolutionary are so off base.

Prince_TFK330d ago

Jesus Mike. No one think it is “revolutionary”. No one think it is the second coming of Jesus or the greatest invention since sliced bread.

It just an add on to a console, just like the PSVR or Kinect. Stop being so delusional.

marloc_x329d ago

Not revolutionary? Maybe not..even Sony makes toys that introduce engineering and coding.😉

Segata329d ago

I bet your said Switch would flop as well. That's right you did.

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bluefox755330d ago

Except it's speculative value, and is entirely hinged on whether or not people actually buy it.

Brian7655492330d ago

That's a lot of cardboard.

bigfish330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Im soo happy about this i cant stop smiling i dont know why lol im 31 and married with one child and another one expected few months. The smiling bit is probably a bit exaggerated but it is very intriguing and something inside me is excited. Oh the cardboard breaking comment from person above, i never thought about that. I guess you would need to handle it carefully and it looks like thick cardboard. Does anyone know if you can reinforce cardboard with some solution from artd and crafts shop?, i may not get it of its going to break eventually.

FreddyFazbear330d ago

Like I said, Nintendo thinks its a smart move to sell Cardboard to kids. Well see how long that will last. Even Hard plastic gets easily broken. I guess this is smart move because if it gets broken people will buy more cardboards at the price of $50. This is Clearly a Gimmick no matter the spin. Even the Failed Kinect i think is better. Investors are not Fortune tellers. Anything can happen in the stock market. Sometime you win sometime you lose. Whether their stocks rose is not indicative of success. Well see but i wont be surprised if it sells well. People buy the ridiculously priced Amiibo. Nintendo is like the Apple of Videogames. overpriced.

milkshake2330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

"I guess this is smart move because if it gets broken people will buy more cardboards at the price of $50. "
This. Cardboards + kids = Disaster.
Nintendo could've used plastic ffs but no... Ninty could never do wrong lmao.

GameBoyColor330d ago

They have said they will be releasing templates for the cardboard so you can go buy your own cardboard to replace it once the ones in the pack that INCLUDES software breaks. Really they are selling the cardboard at like 10 bucks standalone.

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1-pwnsause-1330d ago

engineers are gonna like this from ninty....of course it looks wierd to people....but when it comes to engineers, stuff like this is paradise.

FreddyFazbear330d ago

Yeah smart because Cardboards are gonna last long in the hands of kids and I wont be surprised if Nintendo will sell these Cardboards for $50. Nintendo Is always expensive in everything, games, Console and peripherals even the Wii-U which is a failure is still expensive with the switch already available. Thats Ninty for you, Kinda like apple. You pay for the name.

PhantomS42329d ago

Acting like cardboard isn't easily obtainable...

FreddyFazbear329d ago

Your acting like Nintendo wont sell Cardboard at an expensive price. People can make cardboard of their own based on the design but nintendo will sell this and Diehard nintendo fans will buy one coz its nintendo!! What can go wrong right? And this is not Charity. You think Nintendo will just teach you to make your own cardboard and not earn anything in return?? They will sell this stuff. They are a business like sony and MS. Nice try

PhantomS42329d ago

Not saying they won't sell replacement kits for 10/20 bucks...but it's also not required to buy said replacement packs as cardboard is easily replaceable which you seem to not understand. Nintendo will be giving out the instructions for free as they have already said.

FreddyFazbear329d ago

If their giving instructions for free then good for them. I guess this is also a marketing strategy where people will be encouraged to buy switch to do this stuff. Especially the parents for their kids. But I get what you mean since people can improvise such as using plastic or even lightweight metal

Wrex369329d ago

If I had kids I'd buy the robo kit too, but it's just the variety pack for me. Interesting to see them speculating positively over the Labo

wonderfulmonkeyman329d ago

Nintendo looked back at all the years of parents during Christmas saying "Look at this; they're having more fun with the box it came in than the gift itself!", and their eyes just LIT UP all of a sudden.XD