I worry about the future of gaming

The beginning of the gaming industry was a modest one. It took decades for gamers to shrug off the stereotypes of being unsociable, basement-dwelling nerds. It took just as long for gaming to be recognised as a serious industry with far-reaching significance and potential for positive social impact. Whilst most of the world lagged behind on the power of gaming, gamers themselves understood and believed in its future. Of course it would be hard to predict just how massive gaming would become and the scope of its competitive scene, but nowadays it is hard to argue against its importance globally.

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Darranged327d ago

Nintendo: Right, here's a hit game every month for 2017, massive indie support and we're bringing some of the best Wii U games to Switch.

Gamers who just saw the Labo trailer: But what have you done for me recently?

strayanalog327d ago

And just now you're worried? I've been worried for 11 years, the last 6 increasingly so.‎ Why 11 you may ask? Because it's a slippery slope.‎

Glad to see the author (thank you) brought up settling because that's been my biggest concern. It's something I've argued in the past, and probably will in the future apparently, but we as a community just up and settled this generation, which brings us to the current predicament.‎

The community has been wanting to be accepted for so long that when it finally happens last gen it turns into the age old: "be careful what you wish for."
The act of caring about any matters (the recent Battlefront 2 fiasco, for example) in video games seems like a facade because of its mainstream popularity and the increasingly short attention spans that surround it. Mainstream doesn't care enough for "serious" matters because it's just a game, while most of the other half lingers on a subject before getting bored and moving on.

This is truly a serious issue, but how do you achieve something with two parties who are that different? I seriously wish I had the answer.