Switch's eccentric new hardware is a link to Nintendo's past in the most exciting way

Eurogamer: “In the run-up to Nintendo's announcement last night, a few of us were bandying around ideas about what it could possibly be. An Amiibo-focussed game, Nintendo's own version of Skylanders? A streaming service that brought together the best in kids TV - so you'd always have an episode of In The Night Garden to hand through your favourite Nintendo device?”

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masterfox331d ago

like all the awesome peripherals released in the past, for example , the bazokaa, ROB, or the "console" Virtual Boy, that carpet with buttons, or the bullseye helmet, pure awesome accessories!! , almost forgot the Super NES Glove!! , so awesome!!!.... right ? right people?.....well is NOT!! , in terms of accessories Nintendo's past is horrible horrible horror show, 99 % of their hardware didn't work as suppose to, google it you don't believe me.