16 Video Games Where You Can Be Good Or Bad

Having the moral choice of being a good or bad person in video games is super immersive and increases the roleplay aspects of games. And here are 16 Video Games Where You Can Be Good Or Bad.

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winter_hill305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

Good list. I really enjoyed the Infamous series, I played through them as a good guy, so next time bad dude for sure. And thanks for not putting them all in a clickbait slideshow list, like certain other sites.

badz149305d ago

Infamous 2's both hero and infamous playthrough brought me to tears. Infamous 2 was really a gem last gen. Infamous SS, while an enjoyable game, it was more of a technical showcase for the PS4 and the story didn't really catch your attention like the first 2 games was. hopefully we'll see another game in the series after they finished Ghost of Thushima just like ND and their Uncharted and TLoU