Playground: [email protected] Would Definitely Be Possible on XB1X; There's Still Headroom for Future Games

The folks at Playground Games said that [email protected] would definitely be possible on Xbox One X, but they made the choice to focus on enhancing visuals with Forza Horizon 3. They've also said that there is headroom to spare on the Xbox One X for their upcoming games.

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codelyoko248d ago

Why didn't they do it then? They took over two months before releasing the update.

darthv72248d ago

Who says they wont make another patch that offers a performance mode? That seems to be the trend lately. Having a patch that offers quality improvements and then one that offers performance improvements. sometimes both come in one patch, some times they dont.

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ULTp0ltergeist248d ago

They still can't believe that the idea of patches can actually improve games significantly after launch. Where is the early sentiment with PUBG anymore despite it being in a Game preview? Seems PUBG Corps did their job easily and fast enough to shut those fanboy sentiments down and now they're nowhere to be found.

bluefox755248d ago

My thoughts exactly. Should have been the number one priority IMO.

TheCommentator248d ago

Hmm... 1080p should be a priority on a 4K console... yeah...

TKCMuzzer248d ago

Is there online involved in Forza Horizon? Would this not cause issues in the parity stakes for Xbox One owners?

UKRsoldja248d ago

Why would it cause issues? People on pc play muliplayer games at different framerates...

BigWan78248d ago

sometimes the people on this site make no sense at all..

yall act like a game can only be patched once...

Playground Games did the absolute right thing in showing off the power of the 1X first../. they can always patch in other performance modes after the fact.

Vasto248d ago

Watch the video and you will find out.

Tko1111248d ago

Gamers want everything for free. Game development requires budget vs return on investment. This company did a lot and as gamers we should thankful

rainslacker248d ago

Maybe MS didn't provide the resources for them to do so. MS is the publisher. While the dev can make some calls, something as big as that would be mandated or rejected by the publisher.

Obscure_Observer248d ago

Wrong. Ralph Fulton told Tom (Eurogamer) that the push for visual fidelity instead of performance was Playground´s decision.

rainslacker248d ago

I wasn't aware of that. Maybe MS will give them more resources to do the 1080/60 version in the future then. They would have given the resources for the 4K version. Not everyone has a 4K TV, so it would be nice if they can give the 2nd option.

Obscure_Observer248d ago (Edited 248d ago )


" Not everyone has a 4K TV, so it would be nice if they can give the 2nd option."

All Xbox One X enhanced games features supersample. Full HD display owners are covered.

Gaming4Life1981248d ago

The game looks amazing and honestly has taken me off forza 7 which is newer. I am very happy with what they did with this upgrade but hey if they want to add a extra mode thats great and I will gladly accept it. Many games have no upgrades like bf1 so lets just be happy when older games get support.

Obscure_Observer248d ago


Maybe because they are HARD on work? They achieved fantastic results with the Xbox One X patch while working on a new (possibly) Forza Horizon 4 and their new open world rpg.

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Obscure_Observer248d ago

Hopefully they will deliver sometime down the line. Xbox One X is great machine.

KaiPow248d ago

I'm shocked there isn't a mandate to hit at least that spec in their major titles.

TheCommentator248d ago

Why would you be shocked, when MS said they won't dictate to the developers how to use the power in the 1X?

LavaLampGoo248d ago

I just can't get excited about the promises for better FPS. Especially on the Xb1x.

Gman32248d ago

then get a ps4 pro or pc

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Enjoigamin248d ago

Fps doesn't exist on the pro. And if does it'll look and play better on the X or PC...facts my friend learn em

IamTylerDurden1248d ago

Yea, PS4 Pro, that system that has all the great exclusives.

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gangsta_red248d ago

Would be crazy if MS announced a Horizon Japan and Fable.

ShottyatLaw248d ago

Id like to see that happen.

Show off Horizon 4 at E3, then say :"oh, and we are also working on something else..."

Begin Fable trailer.

Prince_TFK248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Horizon in Japan would be awesome. But that would mean lot of Asian made cars. I personally would love to see it set in England.

Mexxan248d ago

What's that? With all our German and Japanese owned cars? Give it a break.

mark_parch248d ago

from the sounds of this statement the next horizon will have a 1080p 60fps mode for sure

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