Why Hate? Nintendo Labo is a Pretty Brilliant Idea

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Nintendo Lobo is incredibly weird, yet intriguing at the same time. Some people aren't fond of it, but this is very much a splendid idea from the Big N.

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rokkbrin32d ago

Why Hate? Because it's hot garbage.

AKR32d ago

1.) Nintendo itself has acknowledged it's not for everyone and isn't trying to push it as such.
2.) If you don't like it, then don't buy it.
3.) This is a side project; not the entire future of the Switch or the company.

Kun_ADR32d ago

Clearly this isn’t for you then if you don’t the its value.

RAVEN8132d ago

I'm disappointed that they would use cardboard and hurt the environment by making stupid things for video games that hurt the environment just make games and never mind that it's a cheap way of making a quick Buck because you know and I know every kid will accidentally break their new cardboard toy that cost a pretty penny

LonDonE32d ago

Agreed, I know the fanboys will down vote me to hell but regardless I think it's ludicrous they are selling cardboard for 69.99!!! Like that's insane and what's worse us the idiot fanboys defending it.

The greed astonishes me, I love Nintendo and love my switch but as a parent of 2 kids this new announcement grinds my gears.

Only Nintendo can get away with such an insane money grab, like have u seen the dam prices for bits of card board??? Wtf happened to us gamers??

The 10th Rider32d ago

$60 for the game. $10 for the cardboard. How is that ridiculous?

RAVEN8131d ago

I don't want anybody thinking of being a fanboy here I grew up on Nintendo still have a soft spot for them I'm just waiting for a realistic Zelda, good Metroid!

DanteVFenris66632d ago

There is going to be replacement sheets that probably will be incredible cheap. Also what kid would break there creation. I never accidentally destroyed any of my LEGO creations as a kid

The 10th Rider32d ago

And believe me, having worked at a shipping facility and also having a vast collection of Lego . . . cardboard is a lot sturdier and harder to damage than your average Lego creation.

CoryHG31d ago

Yeah because judging by the Switch's track record, all peripherals are cheap. Expect replacement boards to be $24.99.

The 10th Rider32d ago

You do realize that cardboard is recyclable and better for the environment than plastic is?

GameBoyColor31d ago

Never mind the plastic in my ps4 pro and xbox x, it's recyclable cardboard that's hurting the environment /s

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DwightSchrute0132d ago

Anybody surprised that you disagree? Anyone? Lol

WPX32d ago

I'd be surprised if anyone is genuinely surprised lol

AKR31d ago

Cool. You don't have to buy it.

Copat32d ago

I don't mind if Nintendo tries new things. You don't have to buy it. As long as I still get my new Mario's, Zelda's and other first party games I'm happy!

MaxiPower9032d ago

THey desiccated a whole consoleyo motion control and it sucked,.. why would this be any better? They are only taking resources away from other things and giving the console a kiddy stigma. Wankers

marloc_x32d ago

..looks like the HD Twins are missing a whole demographic themselves.

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