Video of the Best PacMan level in Little Big planet.

This is the best PacMan level I've seen in Little Big planet (Created by abstractsimian on PSN) and when I seen the top score I set out to take it down and that's what I did. here is the video
check it!

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whateva3569d ago

but if someone else post the same video it gets approved?

this is the same thing that happened when I posted the video of me playing the 911 attack in LBP it failed to get approved then 1 hour later someone posted my video and it was the biggest news of the Day crazy how that works.

Ben10543568d ago

thats how it works,
lots of dumb people on this site, main site and forums

DavidMacDougall3569d ago

Is amazing what people can do

Overr8ed3568d ago

why is there a picture of some random guy in the video?

whateva3568d ago

and I did it becuase the last video I posted people downloaded it and re uploaded it as their own!

GWAVE3568d ago

I hadn't seen this level before. I am continually amazed by Little Big Planet....oh, and did someone mention that this is only the beta?

DFresh3568d ago

That's really cool.
Little Big planet couldn't come soon enough.
October 21st is almost here.

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