GameCyte Review: Linger in Shadows

In the sky, a sunlit woman. A beating heart of cloud. In the shadows, a drop of pearlescent liquid surrounded by flowing machinery arms. A black smoke monster made from a hundred thousand ephemeral earwigs. A stuffed teddy bear, a giant stone dog, a curious cat, a robot squid and ultimately, a statue of a woman raising her hands to the heavens. What do these all have in common?

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davesdavid923537d ago

this is the worst game ever it aint even a game
To everone dont wast 3 bucks on this game

unrealgamer583537d ago

lol @daesdavid92 it wasnt that bad look at itthis way 12 trophies for 3 bucks lmao

PimpHandStrong3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

or maybe just plain dumb


this is not a game

it is a experement into interactive art


this strange wierdness shouldnt even have a review score