TGS 2008: FF Agito XIII confirmed as a Sony PSP exclusive

Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy Agito XIII is indeed a Sony PSP exclusive, as EGM suggested in their latest issue. The press kit of Final Fantasy Agito XIII only mentions the PlayStation Portable in the details, so it seems the mobile development has stopped entirely.

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TheColbertinator3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Excellent.Best news I have heard about the FFXIII games I have heard all week.

Be a hater...not a gamer

AAACE53422d ago

Good to see PSP getting more good games!

gaffyh3422d ago

lol @ Be a hater not a gamer

switch-it3422d ago

..wich means that if Nintendo wants it on the DS, they can have it:)

DarkBlood3422d ago

lol be a hater not a gamer wasn't that someone else line i saw use before

Lanoire3422d ago

Its getting some mighty lovin

Kingdom Hearts
FF Agito
FF Dissidia
Valhalla Knights
Star Ocean 1
Star ocean 2
GT game

Am I missing something?
Damn, no time to play all these games man!

agmsd3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

That means it might come to Xbox Portable.. what are they going to release it on next to PSP?!. The DS doesn't have enough muscles for such graphics. They have to re-design it as a new game if they plan to release it on the DS. I don't think that it's in there hand to decide on its exclusivity.

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Somnus3422d ago

We knew this a few days ago...

DanteLinkX3422d ago

360 RRoDs all over the place. Thats new also? isn't it?

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