I didn't get the Nintendo Labo until I showed it to my ten-year-old

Nintendo Labo is Minecraft in real life.

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Eonjay154d ago

And this is the point. Not everything is for everyone, but you can't assume that because its not for you that the people that it is for will respond like you.

darthv72154d ago

It's stuff like this that we may end up seeing in retail stores, gaming stores, toy stores and those quirky learning stores that sell all the little Einsteins / baby genius stuff that is always expensive. While at game stores and retail you just find those other brands.

Nintendo has found a unique way to get themselves in almost every kind of market for kids with this idea.

Aceman18154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

For me this looks stupid as hell lol, but i can fully admit this is absolutely brilliant on Nintendo's part because little kids will eat this up, and their parents will be forced to buy it for them lol.

Some of them looked cool, but again for me looks stupid as hell lol. Also they should just be priced at 50 and not overcharge for some damn cardboard lol.

Nintendo will always think of the kids first because they are a 120+ yr old you company.

marloc_x154d ago

..kind of an important demographic.

3-4-5154d ago

Nintendo Labo is for kids mostly. Don't be discouraged if you aren't into it....most of us are not the intended audience.

We need to remember that Nintendo likes to appeal to all age groups and this is an example of that.

We will still get all of our games, and everything else in the next larger Direct.

I think they wanted to get this and those smaller releases out of the way first so the next full main Direct can spend more time focusing on those games.

I won't be using Nintendo Labo....but it's cool for kids.

NecrumOddBoy154d ago

This would make a cool Lootcrate-lioe service but $80 for cardboard? This looks like the crap you see that is 'iPAD' compatible, that you see popping up at Walmart around Christmas

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Xerneas154d ago

This is amazing. I love how creative Nintendo is. Im getting this!

gangsta_red154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I'm not to particular about this but I have to commend Nintendo for constantly bucking the system. While Sony and MS chase these high tech dreams, Nintendo simply releases cardboard that you can build and play with.

It's absolutely poetic in it's simple brilliance from Nintendo.

I feel it's almost as if Nintendo is laughing when in their board meetings...400 dollar peripherals? 500 dollar mid gen upgrades? 60 dollar cardboard cut outs...done!

But here's my issue...what's keeping someone from buying box of toilet paper from Costco and then using that box in the same way for Labor?

DaDrunkenJester154d ago

If you wanted to you could easily make these peripherals yourself, but people like to pay a little extra for the convenience of having things easily laid out for them.

kevnb154d ago

you guys know there is software involved right? its not just carboard that goes around your switch.

Mexxan154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

If your sceptical and don't get this. You need to really at how much fun you get outa gaming in general and if you ever had fun building things and using your imagination when you were a kid.

And just a quick note if your a middle aged sour fanboy,


plmkoh154d ago

Ummm you do know that Sony and MS are not limited to Playstation and Xbox right?

gangsta_red154d ago

But we are talking about games and consoles on this website.

So when I say MS and Sony I'm referring to Playstation and Xbox, not anything else that these companies would have a hand in separate from their video game division.

Knushwood Butt154d ago

I can make my DS4 rumble its way across the floor too.

Is that a game?

Kun_ADR154d ago

Playstation do have Wonderbook peripheral.

TacoTaru154d ago

Yeah, when the wii took off it gave birth to MS kinect and Sony whatever it was. I don't want to see cardboard cutout copies from those two.

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kevnb154d ago

I dont even know what you are talking about, this is mostly software with no need to use expensive materials.

gangsta_red154d ago

Then can you download the software and use your own cardboard?

davand114153d ago

Nothing, that's why Nintendo is giving the patterns away for free on the internet for the people that are into the maker scene and want to make it themselves.

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DaDrunkenJester154d ago

I like the idea, I just worry about how long it will last.

EddieNX 154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I dunno.... just seems a little LABOrious putting them together.

but seriously I think this is really creative and it's gunna print money for Nintendo. It's not for us adults but are you telling me you don't want to play a cardboard keyboard?

SPTMN154d ago

I want Just because right now it's being aimed at kids and kids at heart could mean, if it gets popular enough and is versatile enough, other developrs might get behind it. I wouldn'mind using the Flightstick for another Rogue Squadron game for example or a Pokemon Snap sequel using the camera. Swich the Giant Robot game with a Godzilla game - Job done. Then there's the customisation that comes with it. There is a lot of potential plus it's fun to build stuff. Yes It's cardboard but so was Google..Cardboard. Which helped fuel VR from the average consumers perspective. It didn't do it all but it helped. It was my first Vr experience and it was damn good for a phone in a box.
I've been surprised by the Switch so i'm ready to be surprised again..i imagine we'll be seeing some ports of Wii light gun games using the Shotgun they showed off. I think it's cool - but im just a big kid

generic-user-name153d ago

Yes, I don't want to play a cardboard keyboard.

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