Overwatch has become the Gold Standard of Video Games

Blizzard is the best at online gaming. Overwatch is a product of its maker, which has become the model on how to build a fun and reliable multiplayer game. Overwatch is the new gold standard of video games. Period.

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slate91126d ago

Ive been having a blast watching overwatch league. Havent been getting any work done :/. Game of the generation for me.

dirkdady125d ago

I don't get what's so fun about watching g this game. It gets pretty rote..

AspiringProGenji125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Dynaste Vs Dallas fuel was actually fun to watch. After that it’s been pretty much meh with barely any variation in rosters. It is the same dive comp over and over ans Junkertown’s pirate ship comp as well

slate91125d ago

If you dont play it then sure I guess lol. Thats really any game though. I dont play league or dota, so watching those are pretty "rote(?)"

Christopher125d ago

Ummm.. GTAV is the gold standard if we're going by sales and online activity.

slate91125d ago

But one could argue that it came out last gen lol

Christopher125d ago

Doesn't matter when it came out. It's still charting on both sales charts and online playtime charts. And it's beating Overwatch on PS4 for online play, which means it's likely beating it elsewhere as well.

codelyoko125d ago

That's an exaggeration if I ever heard one

Eidolon125d ago

Maybe if they said e-sports standard, but yeah.. big time.

TheSinsibleOne125d ago

Witcher says hello. And TLOU

Kun_ADR125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I thought the author talks only about multiplayer game?

SolidGear3125d ago

Life is Strang and Wolfenstein too!

Segata125d ago

Final Fantasy VI,Chrono Trigger,Sonic 2, Super Metroid,Earthbound,Super Mario World,Shining Force III,Persona 4,Xenoblade,Doom,Street Fighter II,Ys,Diablo II,Botw,DMC3,REmake,Oath of Felghana,LTTP,Phantasy Star II/IV,Bayo 2,Snatcher,SM64 and the list could go on forever of games more of a gold standard than Overwatch.

DJK1NG_Gaming125d ago

"model on how to build a fun and reliable multiplayer game"

Multiplayer games not single player games. Overwatch has no single player so I don't know why you are bringing those games up.

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Ittoittosai125d ago

Dear god no, its not really that good.

porkChop125d ago

It's really not. It hasn't set any kind of standard. It's a fun game that needs more content.

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The story is too old to be commented.