Digital praise make GTA for Jesus?

A Christian games designer called Digital Praise has announced that it is considering making a Christian-friendly version of the all shooting, all stealing, all thieving best selling GTA series.

In an interview with MTV, Digital Praise CEO Tom Bean talked

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Rockstar3565d ago

My guess, when you fire your gun....confetti!

TheTimeDoctor3564d ago

or maybe you'll throw bibles to convert heathens!

Omegasyde3564d ago

or maybe you have to actually marry the hookers before fornication!

*Prostitution is marriage fast forwarded, they can both be a important source of income for women.


SullyDrake3564d ago

Every person you kill just so happens to be satanic.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3564d ago

But seriously, i'm gonna become a christian game designer. I'm not gonna attempt to make a christian version of gta but you can bet my games are gonna be triple A.

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hotrider123565d ago

why can't they make real down to earth christian game??? about jesus??
not grand theft auto re-make

TheTimeDoctor3564d ago

it would suck, unless you made one where jesus was cloned from blood left one of his nails or the spear used to puncture his side. the new clone jesus somehow has a genetic memory and he awakes in a world full of demons and crap with nothing on his side, but some holy water and a magnum. now thats a game. maybe he could be in a shootout with out shoes and glass gets in his feet, but hes he just keep going runnin and a gunnin!

blynx1823564d ago

"Demonss wanna act loco.
Hit em up, numerous shots with the fo'-fo'."