6 PS Vita Games That Deserve a PS4 Release

"The PlayStation Vita is one of my favorite pieces of hardware that has ever released. I've spent an insane amount of hours playing some of the best games that have released on it. Unfortunately, the handheld hasn't sold like hotcakes. The Vita currently only sits at 10-15 million lifetime units sold, and there are a handful of games that deserves a release on the juggernaut that is PS4 (that currently sits at 70 million units sold." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Nodoze125d ago

Sony needs to stay OUT of the handheld market. They have tried multiple times, let it be. Don't divert first party studios for a failed hardware platform.

indysurfn125d ago

Yeah the news is actually about a the games he thinks will be appreciated on PS4. I think what will happen will be a list of JRPG's coming from PSvita to compete with the list of JRPG's coming from 3ds and 2ds to the SWITCH.

Otherwise with Japan being a heave rpg leaning market Sony will not gain Japan back from Nintendo.

TomatoDragon125d ago

The PSP was quite successful.

haydenlake125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Was just about to make this comment. The PSP is proof Sony can do it, but if you ask me, the Vita was just so choc-full of features it confused the hell out of folks.

They could easily have taken away the touch functionality and added L2, L3, R2, and R3, gotten rid of the crappy cameras to save on each system to keep the OLED screen for every revision. The whole initial philosophy of the Vita in the beginning was a gimmick too, being connected with everyone around the world? Pfft. Just give me games...

If the Vita was purely games-centric, and it was called PSP2 (Dear god why didn't they) then it would still be relevant in mainstream today. Leave the gimmicks to special-kid Nintendo.

indysurfn125d ago

Ironically PSP was the first handheld with a video out to TV! The psvita took that away and then came out the PSTV (now renamed Playstation tv). If PSvita had a tv out it could have been the first SWITCH with strong enough graphics for a big screen.

jznrpg125d ago

I overall like my Vita better than the Switch , a Vita 2 or whatever they would call it needs cheap memory cards and more game support and it will do well. I would love for them to release it woth PS5 and make it an optional companion with remote play

Evaproject125d ago

those memory card urrhhh..... i have been looking all over for those 64 gb and couldnt find any unless i paid as much as I bought my used PSVITA... until i went to japan and bought one for peanuts.... I honestly think that indeed with a TV out from the start and cheap universal memory card, this would ve be a killer handheld.

ILostMyMind125d ago

Nice games. They should all be on PS4.

Rangerman1208125d ago

Nice list. Though, I would also add Oreshika, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Disgaea 3/4, and Ragnarok Odyssey (not a great game but I wouldn't mind seeing a superior re-release or remake).

TomatoDragon125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I'd totally double dip again for Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, and Valkyrie Drive.

Tigerblud125d ago

The day P4G comes to PS4 or Switch, will be the day I get rid of my Vita.

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