Disgaea Hour of Darkness Remake Release Set for 2018

A Disgaea Hour of Darkness Remake will launch in Spring 2018.

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gangsta_red307d ago

This is my favorite out of the series. Hopefully they add something extra to the remake.

DJK1NG_Gaming306d ago

Wrong tags. It's not coming to Xbox One. It's PS4 and Switch.


Hopefully it will come to the Vita as well. I would bet it would make its way to the PC they're a couple on Steam now and they sell quite well

DJK1NG_Gaming306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

As long as it doesn't use the Engine that Disgaea 5 is built on which PS4 and Switch use it can but base on NIS comment about them moving away from Vita for Switch. It has a low chance. But who knows. As for Steam it maybe for the West.

addictedtochaos306d ago

Look like I have to buy Disgaea again.

No_Pantaloons306d ago

I'm still waiting for 3,4,5 on PC, port those first.