The Perfect Level: How Halo's Second Level Evolved the FPS Genre

In the second entry for The Perfect Level, Game Revolution dives deep into Halo: Combat Evolved's second level and shows you how it elevated the FPS genre to a new height.

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Sciurus_vulgaris301d ago

I think the best levels in Halo:CE are The Silent Cartographer, Halo and The Maw. Halo helped pave the way for broader levels in console FPSs.

ProjectVulcan300d ago

Assault on the Control Room. A huge sprawling level with a bit of everything. Bridges, canyons, small interiors and big interiors. Confined outdoor spaces, sprawling battlefields. Close combat, distance sniping, warthogs, tanks, banshees, rocket launchers.

It's one of the greatest levels of any game, of any time. Ever.

PhoenixUp300d ago

Halo used to be such a juggernaut in the FPS genre that you’d frequently see some games marketed as a “Halo Killer.”

Not so much nowadays

Sciurus_vulgaris300d ago

Yet Halo still sells well and has a viable healthy player base online. The only other 15 + year old FPS franchises that have managed to hold large player bases on consoles are COD and Battlefield. COD, Halo and Battlefield aren’t as dominant as they used to be, but they are still around. While dozens of other FPS franchises died off.

PhoenixUp299d ago

Yes it sells well but Halo is no longer the juggernaut it once was last generation

franwex300d ago

That was a great level. To be honest the best levels were against the covenant, the flood kinda turn the rest of the game into generic corridor shooter.

chiefJohn117300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Have to disagree. The entire game was perfect and fun. The flood scared me half to death. The Maw is one of the best missions in fps history. That feeling you got when you made it to cpt Keyes to see what he became....still can't get over it lol. And the Marine that went insane, Halo 6 need to bring the flood back. Flood in warzone with this gen tech would be amazing. Every Halo needs to have a speed run mission where the planet or area is exploding/collapsing. Halo 5 had evacuation but it didn't come off like a speed run like Halo 1,3 and 4 had.

franwex300d ago

I think I’m in the minority, but I’ll like it if there was some sort of civil war within the humans and spartan vs Spartan missions happened. I thought that was going on with Halo 5, but we all know how all that turned out.


I remember going into Gamestop as a kid and playing The Silent Cartographer level as my first Xbox experience, I was blown away at the graphics and how fun of a shooter it was! I had a PS2 at the time and there was not anything else like Halo at the time on console. Will always remember that!

chiefJohn117300d ago

I was hooked as soon as the second level started when you were the only survivor of the crash and had to hidden from the scouts.

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