Apple admit MacBook Pro Nvidia GPU fault: repair or refund

Apple has finally admitted that there is in fact a fault with the Nvidia GPU which is used in their MacBook Pro notebooks. They admit that it is the same fault that is affecting other manufacturers. In a report, Apple has said that they will repair any faulty MacBook free of charge if the Nvidia GPU has failed or is failing. Apple also said that they will offer a refund for those who have already paid for repairs themselves.

Apple have released a list of which MacBook Pro laptops that are affected by this faulty Nvidia GPU, they are the 17-inch notebook, with a 2.4-GHz CPU; then there is the 15-inch model, with either a 2.2-GHz or 2.4-GHz CPU; and MacBook Pros shipped in early 2008.

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josh143993423d ago

well at least they aint denying a problem like msoft probly would